META-Health Specialist Certification Training

What if you could find your client’s root-causes, stress triggers, emotions and beliefs, affecting their symptoms just by asking a few simple questions? What if you could release negative emotions, triggers & beliefs with even more confidence and competence? Become an Specialist in the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection and the Art and Science of Self-Healing.

Lifestyle Prescriptions® Provider Certification Training

What if you would inspire your patients and all it takes is one minute? Learn how to integrate cutting-edge Lifestyle and Mind Body Medicine health-care programs into your practice to empower healthy lifestyle habits based on the newest research in Lifestyle Medicine and the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection.

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This Is What META-Health University Graduates Say:

““META-Health is just invaluable and amazing how specific I can be with my clients. I know exactly what questions to ask and therefore my results are phenomenal. It is almost like miracles. And what’s nice is that I feel like I can consistently get good results.”

Caroline Rhodes, Physical Therapist, HongKong

“META-Health has transformed my medical practice and understanding of what causes disease and how the body heals. Especially my thinking was totally revamped. Most of the theories that I have learned at the university, were replaced by much more logically understandable explanations. My thinking and feeling also changed, so I was more receptive and tolerable for other worldviews.” Anton Bader, Germany

“Clients coming to me because of an emotional or spiritual issue often experience physical symptoms. I love META-Health, because it enables me to find the underlying conflicts, issues and triggers very quickly. Once found, they can be released effectively. Conscious conflict resolution helps clients realize the interconnectedness of physical symptoms and emotional issues. Based on this understanding, clients are empowered to develop new, positive behavioural strategies.”

Mag. Dr. Evelyn POPP-HADALIN
– MCoach, MSc –

“What I love about META-Health is its precision in pinpointing how emotions, beliefs and stressful life situations correlate very specifically with certain body tissues, organs and areas in the brain. This is a very precise art and a true science. Clients love understanding the deeper meaning of what has caused their symptoms, and the self-empowerment and relief which comes from transforming the root cause. Adding META-Health for helping clients identify and resolve illness without medication is super-charging my ability to help them transform unhappiness or ill health into authentic, lasting wellbeing”.

Kim Knight, aka ‘The Kiwi Health Detective’, Director The Art of Health and Science of Wellbeing

“Freedom, empowerment and relief! These are what I’ve gained from META-Health. For years I searched for a discipline that would explain to me the connection between mind and body but in an easy to apply yet scientific way. META-Health does this and so much more.” .

Emma Patricio, Life Coach UK

”As a provider of traditional health care for over 30 years, I have longed for a better way of helping my patients other than just relieving symptoms. META-Health has opened my mind and heart to a way of truly helping others resolve their health problems by providing a deeper insight to the core causes of illness. This awareness allows my patients to be full partners in their healing using the tools provided by META-Health. if you want to change your life and that of your clients, META-Health will provide the tools you need.”

Bonnie Martin, Registered Nurse, USA