YOU deserve to have a successful practice helping clients heal, quality time for yourself and your family, financial security while making a positive impact on your community and the world.

There are many opportunities to achieve your dream – now more than ever before!

But why do many complementary health professionals struggle?

They struggle to find enough clients and make a living, experience difficulties managing their practice or marketing themselves. They might not feel confident in their skills like finding the root-cause or creating results.

Traditional health care providers on the other hand often feel overwhelmed and burned out. They see too many clients and don’t have enough quality time with patients (or for themselves). They might have to deal with high investment costs and complex office or insurance management challenges.

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META-Health Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach Center

Can You Do It All?

It’s very difficult to be a dedicated therapist and a business ​and marketing ​manager at the same time. Really, it just doesn’t make sense and it’s not realistic to do it ALL by yourself, right?

​What if you could get a team of experts with a proven track record to help you make your dreams come true and ​build​ a successful and satisfying health coaching & therapy practice​ (without burning or stressing you out)?

What if you could use best practices in Lifestyle and Mind-Body Medicine and tools to optimize how you manage and operate your practice?

Health Care Is Changing Rapidly.

Most patients are very educated and have searched the internet for information about their health issue. But as we know information is not enough.

Finding the root-cause stressors, emotions and lifestyle choices affecting their health and guiding and coaching them to change behaviors and habits is the key.

People are not really interested in what techniques we use!

What clients really want are answers and results.

The future of health care is low investment, low overhead, micro-practices that allow existing or new health professionals to earn a good income and to have the time for high quality health coaching based on the newest research in Lifestyle Medicine and the Body-Mind-Social Connection.

Lifestyle Prescriptions Organ-Mind-Brain-Lifestyle Connection Wheel

The 3 Essential Keys To A Successful Micro-Practice

Precision Root-Cause Diagnostics

Quickly finding the root-cause stressors, emotions, beliefs & lifestyle choices affecting your clients symptoms is the foundation of a successful practice and creating sustainable results.

As part of the extensive 12-month training you’ll receive 13 Organ-Mind-Brain Connection charts and worksheets that’ll help you to use your therapy tools more effectively and write very precise and root-cause based Lifestyle Prescriptions®.

Proven Therapy & Coaching Skills

Targeted lifestyle modification and releasing negative emotions, stress triggers & limiting beliefs are essential for personal transformation and building a successful health practice.

You’ll learn a synergistic combination of proven energy psychology techniques based on neuro-biology, and 7 Lifestyle Prescription® Protocols to empower your client’s self-healing and help them establish new habits and behaviors.

We-Do-It-For-You Business Setup

Why reinvent the wheel! We’ll help you discover your niche and ideal market then help you set-up your integrated and automated online business presence so clients can find you easily.

Your all-inclusive online business will be extremely easy to manage and allows you to spend quality time with your clients. It’ll include branded webpages, Facebook page, lead collection, live video session & webinar setup, payment system and our exclusive social media engagement marketing platform.

Become A Specialist In Creating Results!

Because the Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Center Training is very personal and we’re focusing all our attention and energy on YOU – it’s only available to a very small group of applicants.

If you dream of being a successful therapist, health coach or consultant and need a team of experts to guide you all the way then request a personal consultation with our admissions team.

We are very selective and you have to go through a vetting and selection process. If you are accepted and you follow the program then you’ll be very successful.

  • This is NOT one of these online only courses that promise a lot and then asks you to figure it out for yourself.
  • This is NOT a training where you are told how wonderful social media marketing is and then you need to do all the work yourself.
  • This is NOT a program that will overwhelm you with tons of information, hundreds of nutritional plans, 20 different techniques you’re supposed to learn​ and impossible marketing advice you’ll never follow​.

We teach you only 3 essential skills. That’s it.

Why make it complicated … if it can be easy!


Is This Really For You?

We are very serious and 100% committed to helping you build a profitable and successful ​​Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coaching Practice & Center. We are very focused on supporting you to succeed and expect the same from you. We’re only interested in working with you if you are equally committed.

If owning a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach practice gets you excited, then take your first step now.

When you decide to join our team you’ll have our full support
and we’ll guarantee that you’ll love it and will succeed.

After successful completition of the 1-Year Premium Training you’ll be:

  • Certified as a Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach
  • ​Receive a license to open your Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Center​ (online or a physical location)​
  • Certified as a META-Health Practitioner & Master Practitioner​ (by IMMA)​

Apply below. No risk. We’ll review your application and get back to you within 24 hours.


Got Questions?

Talk To Us At +1 310 906-0366​, Send Us An Email Or Use The Chat Widget.

Will this training help me to start a new career?
Yes, actually instead of trying to gather knowledge and skills from many different trainings you’ll become an expert in the 3 most important skills you need to start a successful integrative practice. I’ve tried many courses without success.

Why is this one different?
Without bragging (maybe a little bit…) we teach the most advanced integrative diagnostics & therapy methods available. Just ask our students. The Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Training combines the quintessential elements learned from teaching META-Health and Coaching for over 10+ years.

I am not a medical doctor, does this training still apply for me?
Absolutely, this training has been designed for traditional and complementary health care providers like doctors, nurses, naturopaths, nutritionists, chiropractors, nurse practitioners, health coaches, dietitians, energy psychology therapists (to start a new practice or integrate Lifestyle Prescriptions into your existing health practice).

Do I need to be a medical or naturopathic doctor to write Lifestyle Prescriptions®?
No. Lifestyle Prescriptions focus on lifestyle modifications like nutrition, stress management, exercise and social support and are NOT about prescribing medications or other restricted modalities. Therefore Lifestyle Prescriptions® can be written by all licensed or certified health care providers.

Which energy release method do you use?
It’s a synergistic combination of energy psychology techniques using reframing, EMDR, EFT and mindfulness to help clients release negative emotions, beliefs and stress triggers, and allow them to establish new unconscious behaviors and habits.

Are the classes weekly? How much time do I need to spend per week?
Yes, we’ll meet weekly for our 2-hour live class. In addition we recommend to spend 2-3 hours reviewing materials, practicing with clients and learn in our supervision sessions (total 5 hours/week).

How does the ‘We-do-it-for-you’ business & marketing setup work?
The best way really is to setup a demo (and we’ll show you … ). But in any case think about Subway, Starbucks or any other brand with a clear message and business model. No matter if you want to start a new practice or expand your existing practice, the LPHC business marketing social media platform will help grow your clientele.

I’ve already taken META-Health Trainings. What’s new that will benefit me?
Excellent. There are many reasons to evolve and join the LPHC Training:
1. You have already a flourishing and successful META-Health practice with plenty of clients but you want to be part of a supportive and empowering community of Lifestyle Prescriptions® professionals.
2. Take advantage of a premium brand and become a Lifestyle Prescriptions Health Coach Center owner.
3. Learn our new and “drastically” improved META-Health Analysis process, find the conflicts, stress triggers, emotions and points and phases of the self-healing process very quickly.
4. Use 7 new protocols that make it much easier for you and for the client (smaller chunks …) to change behaviors and habits using the power of lifestyle prescription® health coaching.
5. Take advantage of our automated marketing system to collect lead and interact with your community.
6. Become a leading voice in your community and build a quality brand name which you can be proud of.
7.  Basically we’ll help you simplify and focus your practice and set you up for success.

The LPHC training is about giving you all the tools to own a successful micro-practice – something that has not been included in any previous META-Health training.

Yes, I Want To Know How To Become A
Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Center Owner

And Receive The LPHC Program Guide & Curriculum
*We ♡ you and will protect your privacy.