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Integrate the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection into your practice.

Learn Advanced META-Health Root-Cause Analysis Skills 

Study the Art and Science of Self-Healing with co-founder Johannes R. Fisslinger and leading META-Health Master Trainers and receive 3 Certification-In-One-Trainings.

You'll receive instant access to a 3-PART VIDEO TRAINING and the brand-new book "The 6 Root-Cause(s) Of All Symptoms". 

The Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method

The Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method allows you to quickly find the 6-Root-Cause(s) affecting over 1,000 symptoms and use laser-sharp Lifestyle Prescription® protocols & skills to help clients heal and thrive.

Based on newest research in Neuro-Quantum-Biology, Lifestyle Medicine and the Art and Science of Self-Healing.

Thousands of health coaches, doctors, chiropractors, energy psychology, physical therapists and other integrative-natural-functional practitioners use Lifestyle Prescriptions® to radically improve their practices and client health outcomes.

Learn From Our World-Renowned META-Health and Lifestyle Prescriptions® University Faculty Teachers

Why study with only one trainer if you can tap into the knowledge, skills and wisdom of a variety of expert teachers including doctors, naturopaths, energy psychology and health coach specialists? Meet some of our Lifestyle Prescriptions® University faculty team members:

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    Johannes R. Fisslinger (US-D)
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    Dr. Stephane Provencher (USA)
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    Dr. Kevin Chan (USA)
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    Annie Gedye (UK)
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    Gita Jayakumar (India)
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    And our health coach and specialists faculty team
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    Christa Krahnert ND (Australia)
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    Dr. Anton Bader (Germany)

Lifestyle Prescriptions® University is the Only Premium Online School teaching Advanced META-Health Skills.

Who's Using META-Health and Lifestyle Prescriptions?

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    Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine Practitioners
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    Health and Life Coaches
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    Physical Therapists
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    Other Integrative and Functional Medicine Health Professionals 

What If You Could Find The Root-Cause Stress Triggers, Emotions & Conflicts Of Over 1,000 Symptoms Just By Asking A Few Questions?

At Lifestyle Prescriptions University we've advanced what was called META-Health and aligned it with science and Lifestyle Medicine.

The Lifestyle Prescriptions® Method will allow for laser-sharp habit and behavior improvements by knowing the root-cause emotions, stress triggers, beliefs & lifestyle habits affecting over 1,000 symptoms just by asking a few questions.

In addition, you'll learn how to use our proven and effective Lifestyle Prescription® Health Plans & Protocols to stimulate the natural healing process and auto-regulation and create substantial improvements with chronic symptoms.

Study with us and you'll:

  • Learn from anywhere, anytime (convenient online training)
  • High impact supervision & practice live classes
  • Invaluable META-Health University faculty support
  • Private LP Provider Facebook Community
  • Up to 200 Continuous Education Units (CPD)
  • High quality Reference Charts & Posters & Worksheets
  • Global health professional community

Starting as low as $97/month

META-Health University | Advanced META-Health Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification Trainings

Why study with the Innovators?


Root-Cause Based Health Coaching

Integrating META-Health and Lifestyle Prescriptions® is easy. No need to change your existing practice and work flow - even if you have only a few minutes per client. Ask us how!


Improve Health Outcomes

By knowing the root-cause stress triggers, emotions & beliefs you'll radically improve your confidence and holistic skills and guarantee better health outcomes.


Increase Client Compliance

Use the power of your pen and our proven Lifestyle Prescriptions® Protocols and Techniques to remove blockages and empower and motivate your clients and patients.


Body-Mind-Social Root-Causes

The advanced form of Lifestyle Prescription® focuses on the root-cause stress triggers, emotions & lifestyle habits affecting specific organ symptoms.
Very Powerful!

The Organ-Mind-Brain Reference Charts

META-Health University | Advanced META-Health Certification Trainings

The cornerstone of our Lifestyle Prescription® Protocols are the 13 Organ-Mind-Brain Connection reference charts. They will guide you to write effective and personalized Lifestyle Prescriptions®.

Like a laser you'll find your clients root-cause, emotions, conflicts and belief connections quickly and use proven micro-habit change techniques to increase engagement, compliance and health outcomes.

The charts include:
✓ 150+ Organ Tissues with Conflicts and Emotions 
✓ 1,000+ Stress and Regeneration Phase Symptoms
✓ Beautiful Organ images for easy reference 
✓ Major Points and Phases of Self-Healing
✓ Worksheets and Reference Charts

Printed on high quality, glossy and never-tear paper which is ideal for daily use

Get 3 Certification-In-One-Trainings

After completing the Lifestyle Prescription® University 12-Months Health Coach Certification Training you'll receive 3 distinct certifications  (click below toggle to learn more).

Lifestyle Prescription® Health Coach Certification Training

META-Health Practitioner Certification Training

META-Health MASTER Practitioner Certification Training

You'll receive instant access to a 3-PART VIDEO TRAINING and the brand-new book "The 6 Root-Cause(s) Of All Symptoms". 

That's What Our Students Have To Say!

"I rate this course as a 10 - excellent. The videos that help explain the Lifestyle Prescription® concepts show us how to use the charts and other protocols included.  The charts are an enormous help to show people that emotions and conflicts can cause physical ailments. I would recommend this course to other health practitioners." 

Jane O., ND, PhD

"The Lifestyle Prescription® Course is incredible! Delivered in bite-sized, easily digestible chunks, the course provides incredible insight into the root-causes of several issues clients may be facing. By learning how to use the charts, you have increased confidence in your work, knowing exactly where to go and how to begin immediately in helping the client see results. This course is helping me to take my business to next level and to partner with my clients to bring transformation to their health and life. I would definitely recommend this program to health professionals who are looking for a cutting-edge technology that will elevate and deepen their work and results." 

Denver H, Fitness & Health Coach

"I like spending time with my clients and these are techniques that are easy to implement, understand and are result oriented. I love the charts, because they are a quick reference when dealing with something that you haven't seen before or deal with in your office. I would recommend this course to other health professionals. I love the ease and common sense to the course.  Every clients should benefit from it and every practitioner should be able to use it without conflict."

Deika K, Doctor of Naturopathy

"This course is a 10! Amazing information that is clear and well presented. The charts are an invaluable tool in my work with clients. They are easy to understand and comprehensive – 10. I will definitely recommend this course to other health professionals. I appreciated learning this foundational information at my own pace."

Lynda R, Psychologist

"Rating: 10 excellent. Chart Rating: 10 excellent. I would recommend to my entire center. Johannes was able to take a complicated subject, break it down into simple modules which, when all done, comes together nicely and bring the learner to a level of expert in the body-mind and root-cause field."

Dr. S, DO, DC

Most people will act on the advice in a prescription from a health provider. I find that Lifestyle Prescriptions® are a quick, accurate and effective way to allow clients to improve vitality and allow self healing.

Annie Gedye, Lifestyle Prescriptions® Specialists, Nutrition, EFT

I use META-Health and Lifestyle Prescriptions® in my practice and its amazing to see the results with my patients.

Dr. Anton Bader, Medical Doctor / GP

I absolutely love Lifestyle Prescriptions®. Easy and effective.

Kim Knight, The Kiwi Health Detective

Kim Knight Kiwi Health Detective

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Transform your health practice and your clients with Body-Mind-Social Root-Cause Analysis & Solutions and the Art and Science of Self-Healing. Join our global network of doctors, naturopaths, psychologists, health coaches and energy psychology practitioners. You'll love how you'll feel ...

You'll receive instant access to a 3-PART VIDEO TRAINING and the brand-new book "The 6 Root-Cause(s) Of All Symptoms". 

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