In META-Health we understand that the root cause of disease is stress.  Or to be more exact, specific stress reactions that are characterized by internalized thoughts and emotions which have become ‘trapped’ in the body tissues. The Art and Science of META-Health involves creating awareness about this biological-unconscious process and associating clients into the emotions or attitudes they are holding onto and which are causing their tissues to have symptoms.

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We also help them release both the trapped emotion and the mental blocks which are preventing the tissues from healing.  As practitioners we understand that each individual body tissue displays a particular set of symptoms under stress and another set of symptoms in regeneration.  This information acts as a wonderful map of consciousness and allows us to guide our clients to the exact area of either their psyche or life that requires attention.

Let me give you an example.

I had a client recently with chronic constipation.  She had tried everything She could think of to ‘shift’ the problem including all the normal treatments such as increased water intake, plenty of soluble fiber and reducing wheat, none of which had made the slightest difference.

In META-Health we have a clear, structured approach to dealing with symptoms.  The 1st step is to decide which tissue is affected, in this case as there was reduced peristalsis, I knew it was the smooth muscle of the intestine.  The next step is to work out which phase of stress or healing the tissue is currently in.  In this case, as there was virtually no movement but also no colic or nausea I knew my client was in the stress phase.

So what do we do with this knowledge?

The real power of META-Health is because it is so specific. From this information I understood that the exact stress which would cause this particular tissue to react in this particular way was the attitude or belief involving the inability to move something (in our life) down or out.  The specific thoughts involved would be ‘I am stuck!‘ but on a very deep, almost unconscious level.

As I presented this information back to my client there was an immediate spark of recognition as she made the connection between her life and her symptoms.  We worked with EFT to release the emotion and we used spiritual counseling to re-frame the life situation and I’m happy to report that the situation is much improved just after one session.

By Emma Patricio, META-Health Practitioner