Thanks for the great response of last weeks blog post “What the Bleep is META-Health?“.

Let’s look at META-Health from another angle. Like I mentioned, META-Health is paradox because it looks at the big picture of health and defines a new healing paradigm and a new language for a true integrative health care system.


But what makes META-Health such a powerful tool in integrative health analysis and therapy is knowing specifically from a META-point of view what is causing symptoms and how these symptoms are part of a compex healing process. Our symptoms are highly intelligent and meaningful message from our bodymind, letting us know what needs to be addressed and improved.


  • META-Health is the Art and Science of Self-Healing based on the interconnectedness of Body-Mind-Social and the major points and phases of healing.
  • META-Health updates your health beliefs and aligns you with your body’s healing intelligence.
  • To be META-Healthy means you are aware of your body’s intelligence, your stress triggers, emotions and beliefs affecting your organ symptoms and you take conscious actions for self-healing and personal growth.
  • META-Healing or to META-Heal yourself is the multi-dimensional transformation process you will go through to achieve Body-Mind-Social or META-Health.

Are your bodymind symptoms really intelligent and meanigful reactions?

If you believe it is possible to become aware of your bodymind symptoms and heal yourself, then META-Health will offer you answers and usable strategies for optimum health.

In META-Health we know our body to be highly intelligent and all see a deeper meaning in our symptoms. For example, something happened and suddenly you feel a headache, muscle pain, high blood pressure, swelling, inflammation, low energy, physical or mental exhaustion, strong symptom in your body. Why? What has happened? Why now? What has triggered these symptoms to appear? Is it all random or is there an intelligent plan at work? Are risk factors, viruses, bacteria at work?

Let me give you an example:

Men, 40 years young has shoulder pain on the right side and feels totally exhausted. The pain started 3 weeks ago.

By using a few simple META-Health questions we know that this man is going through:

  • A regeneration phase (shoulder pain and feeling exhausted) of the organ: bones (shoulder) connected to a
  • Strong emotion and feeling of unworthiness (bones are related to self-worth)
  • Connected to his partner (he is right handed and symptoms are on his right-dominant side)
  • Which started to move from the stress into the regeneration phase 3 weeks ago (he felt totally stressed 3 weeks ago).
  • Because it has never happened before (acute), we can safely assume that
  • About 6-10 weeks ago he must have experienced a stressful event (unexpected, dramatic, isolative, no strategy)
  • Connected with his partner that triggered feelings of unworthiness. And we also know that somehow the
  • Situation has reversed (possibly through a real-life resolution like making up with the partner) and that
  • Bodymind are repairing and regenerating now (because the shoulder pain = organ symptom is part of the regeneration phase).
  • He is probably somewhere in the middle of the regeneration phase right now and
  • If no relapse occurs and he has enough vitality the shoulder pain (bones) will be fully healed in a few weeks.

Pretty amazing what we know by just asking a few META-Health questions!

Based on the META-Health understanding of BodyMind we know precisely which steps are required for the client to heal. Health professional and client/patient are empowered and can work together in an integrative path towards optimum health.

Written by Johannes R. Fisslinger, president Intl. META-Medicine Association and author META-Health – Decoding your body’s intelligence.