Remember type writers & tape players? They were the height of technology once but are now extinct and nobody is using them. Symptom management and suppression are the healthcare equivalent! Actually I sometimes pause and reflect about how it was even possible to work with clients without knowing META-Health and the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection. You might think that is far out… but honestly that is how I feel. How did we give specific and precise answers? How did we develop effective treatment plans without knowing the root-cause of symptoms?

We did the best we knew how to at the time, however part of the beauty of evolution is having the ability to constantly progress and refine out understanding of ourselves and the world we live in.

I believe it’s a fundamental human desire to want to understand and evolve and META-Health is part of this.

Knowing the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection is like having a manual for the body. You probably have one for your car and one for your computer so why not having one for your bodymind!

With META-Health we “see through” our clients and know (not guessing or intuitively sensing) what traumas or significant life experiences, negative emotions, limiting beliefs or lifestyle choices affect them. How is this possible? By knowing BIOLOGY and the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection and by realizing that our organs are a reflection of consciousness.


Why attend the upcoming 5-Day Intensive Training?

Who doesn’t want to go to sunny, warm and absolutely beautiful Andalucia? Especially if it is probably still really cold where you live!

But more important that topping up our Vitamin D levels (and at MHU we believe self-care is of vital importance!) evolving and improving your skills is probably one of the main reasons to join the 5-Day Intensive. By developing total trust and confidence in your own and your clients body intelligence and your abilities in META-Health Analysis & Therapy you will not only improve your effectiveness as a practitioner but you will be at the leading edge of evolution in healthcare and all that entails.

Let me give you 5 powerful reasons to study at MHU and join our Spain Intensive:

  • Know the conflict themes, emotions, beliefs connected to 100+ organ tissues.
  • Practice your analysis skills through group immersion
  • Learn new material like skin sensitivity reactions, differential analysis, constellations & more.
  • Attend and learn META-Health Yoga to internalize the biological laws
  • Meet fellow META-Health professionals, relax and have fun!
You will also get direct access to Johannes R. Fisslinger and Kora Klapp, META-Health Master Trainer at MHU, who will be teaching again next year at our certification trainings and in Spain. Everyone who knows Kora is totally motivated to achieve excellence by her passion and her deep bio-logical knowledge and teaching skills.

Should I join the 5-Day Live Training… or book a META-Health Certification Training?

Well, that is a choice you have to make. You can do either or both! If you’re unsure which route will be best for you why don’t you make an appointment to talk to Emma who’ll be happy to explain the different options available to you, click here to make an appointment –
One of our key missions at MHU is to introduce this information to the collective consciousness by making it as widely available and accessible as possible. For this reason we are now delighted to offer interest-free payments on all our trainings making them affordable for everyone.
Enjoy the sun, rejuvenate in the Mediterranean Sea … and at the same time radically improve your META-Health Analysis & Therapy skills.