Over 400 health professionals signed up for our last webinar and about 100 mostly complementary-alternative therapists filled out the survey. 

Drum roll please … “The biggest challenges you face” … in your health practice are:

  • I don’t know enough, aren’t good enough.
  • Low income.
  • Not sure how to market myself.


Now your first reaction might be to get out there and book yourself a marketing and business training aimed at showing you how to market your practice using social media, blogs and all the wonderful things we know to work right? And that in turn increases your income and your self-esteem.

But is this really true? Do these marketing techniques and trainings really work?

After talking to hundreds of health professionals wanting to build their practice I got mostly the same replies: 

  • Highly frustrating to be a therapist and marketeer … 
  • Really don’t have the time to post, blog and market myself … 
  • I need to hire someone to help me but don’t have the funds … 
  • Now I am even more overwhelmed and less confident …

Unfortunately, this is the harsh reality for many non-traditional health professionals with a passion to build a practice. 

Yes, there is plenty of hype, marketing and sales going on telling you that it is easy to market yourself and have a prosperous practice. NOT TRUE. It is hard work like so many other things in life.

(Don’t get me wrong: A well designed and implemented marketing strategy will work wonders. I am not against using all forms of marketing and PR – but you have to be ready for it otherwise you will feel even more overwhelmed and the energy you put in does not give you the results you want and need.)

Based on my 25+ years of experience I firmly believe that we all have to start with the most basic skill needed to be successful as a health professional:

 #1 Skill: Provide A Service People Need And Be Good At It.

In META-Health we focus on the primal biological reactions and finding the unconscious stress triggers, emotions and thoughts affecting our organ symptoms.

This is also true for our business. The first step is to look at the essential qualities that makes a great health care provider and therapist and to provide a service that client’s need … namely helping them with their health or life challenges. 

Please ask yourself this honest question:

  • What is the service you provide?
  • Do you get your clients the results they are looking for?
  • Do you provide them with clear answers to their questions?
  • Are you confident about your skills? Do you radiate competence?

Because how can we help someone if we are not confident in our own abilities? Are we able to really create change and stimulate self-healings?

Which brings us back to our survey:

Wouldn’t it make sense to build confidence and competence first? 

YES you might say but how do I do it. I have learned many therapy techniques already. 

True, but a shift has been taking place over the last decades in health care. People who are willing to look beyond Traditional Medicine and Disease Management type of treatments are usually very well informed. They might have searched the internet for hours to find solutions.

  • You have to provide answers that really “touch” them and hit the spot.
  • Radiate an aura of authority, confidence and credibility.

And I firmly believe that without being able to pinpoint the root-cause of a symptoms – KNOWING WHY WE ARE SICK – we will have doubts inside of us which in turn our clients will feel.

Let me ask you something: 

If a client comes to you with a chronic foot fungal infection what would you do? What is the cause of these symptoms? Is it bio-chemical? Was fungus contracted from someone else? Is nutrition at fault? Not enough vitamins, minerals, proteins or fat? Or was it stress? Or negative emotions? 

In META-Health the answers are very precise and clear.

MHU_AnalysisTherapy_Wheel425webnotextFirst we identify the organ tissue that’s involved – 

  • Organ Tissue: Skin – Dermis
  • Brain Relay: Cerebellum ( + / – )

That gives us the general theme behind the symptoms – 

  • Mind: Defilement-Deformed-Integrity

From here we can help the client identify unhelpful thoughts and attitudes or events that have triggered the body/mind to react in this way –

  • Typical emotions and thoughts are: I need to protect myself, someone attached me, I feel not protected anymore, why are they throwing dirt at me.
    FOOT FUNGUS: Disgust of defilement for example because of dirty showers. I really stepped into a big pile of ….

From here we can identify where in the healing cycle the person is, very important to understand so you can support them and their process most effectively – 

  • Stress Phase: Possible dermis stress phase symptoms can be increased sebaceous glands activity, of the skin, blackheads, acne keloids, melanoma, mole, shingles.
  • Regeneration Phase: Cell loss of dermis tissue, inflammatory reduction of sebum and excrescent cells by fungi or bacteria. This can show as pimples or acne. In some cases, the melanoma may bleed or become inflamed. Various types of fungal diseases can appear in this phase, depending on the localization. Shingles may heal under intense pains. If skin-epidermis is also affected we might see strong smell because of the fungal activity.

Once you understand why your client has these particular symptom and why then it’s much easier to know what to do to allow the body to complete the process and heal –  

  • Biological Meaning: Our body is helping us to deal with the conflictive traumatic situation by strengthening the dermis skin during the stress to be better prepared for attacks, defilements, defacements, loss of integrity.

Now, the above shortened information from the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection Directory has been collected and confirmed by thousands of META-Health Professionals. We have seen again and again how stressful life situations and the resulting emotions and thoughts affect organ tissue.  

Just imagine how confident you could feel if you knew exactly the WHY, WHAT & HOW of symptoms based on the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection and the Art and Science of Self-Healing!

My point is this: 

Word-of-Mouth is still the best marketing tool there is, even the best professional marketing companies will agree!

And you will get word-of-mouth if your clients are raving about you, if they receive answers and you helped them with their health or life challenges. They will share with others and over time (maybe not as fast as you wish ….) you will build a successful practice organically. And at this stage you can and should use other forms of marketing like social media, lectures and presentations to expand your reach.

Which comes first the chicken or the egg? Where should you start?

Take the first step first and focus on the essentials: Don’t just be good. Become excellent in what you do!

Written by Johannes R. Fisslinger | www.metahealthuniversity.com