Over the last weeks I had clients and have been asked by my students repeatedly about what CFS or CFIDS are from a META-Health perspective. Why do you experience Chronic Fatigue? Is there a root-cause that triggers these symptoms? What roles do our emotions and stress play? Can META-Health offer understanding, awareness and solutions to the millions suffering from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and related health issues? .

What is CFS or FM from the traditional point of view?

Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or ME) and Fibromyalgia (FM or FMS) are the common name for a group of significantly medical conditions which may include widespread muscle and joint pain or weakness, digestive disturbances, depression, painful and often slightly swollen lymph nodes, increased sensitivity to light, sounds and smells, cardiac and respiratory problems, sore throat, headaches, chronic and severe mental and physical exhaustion.

CFS may also be referred to as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), post-viral fatigue syndrome (PVFS), chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome (CFIDS), or by several other terms. Biological, genetic, infectious and psychological mechanisms have been proposed, but the etiology of CFS is not understood and it may have multiple causes. CFS symptoms vary in number, type, and severity from person to person. Quality of life of persons with CFS can be extremely compromised.

Hypothyroidism, anemia, diabetes and certain psychiatric disorders are a few of the diseases that must be ruled out if the patient presents with appropriate symptoms. People with fibromyalgia, like those with CFS, have muscle pain, severe fatigue and sleep disturbances. The presence of allodynia (abnormal pain responses to mild stimulation) and of extensive tender points in specific locations differentiates FM from CFS, though the two diseases often co-occur.1

CFS or FM can be a very frustrating experiences because of the perception that nothing works and no options are available to get our of the vicious cycle of exhaustion, depression and pain.

Just to be clear I believe and know that CFS and FM and related symptoms are very real and do need to be addressed. But on the other hand looking at the biochemical levels, hormones, stress responses, lifestyle or other risk factors alone has been shown not to help us find sustainable (or any …) solutions. Therefore let’s look at the big picture and the interconnecteness of all these levels.

META-Health – A New Perspective

META-Health is a new field within Integrative Medicine that is also called the Art and Science of Self-Healing. It is using the profound knowledge that

  • Our body mind symptoms are bio-logical and meaningful reactions to help us deal with traumatic or stressful life situations.
  • Specific stress triggers, emotions, thoughts, beliefs and lifestyle are affecting specific organ symptoms.
  • Organ symptoms are part of the 5 major points and phases of healing.

In META-Health we know and it is our experience with thousands of clients, that symptoms are not random occurances or mistakes of nature. By recognizing that self-healing is the most powerful force of nature we start to find new ways for recovery!

META-Health is considered a revolutionary new healing paradigm because it helps us to become aware of how intelligent our body really is and what steps we need to take to allow self-healing to happen. Therefore META-Health is not a new modality but the foundational knowledge and science for a new health care system used by all health professionals.


Please watch the upcoming webinar to learn more about the scientific background and how META-Health can help you.

Chronic Fatigue is not what you think it is … 

It would go way beyond the scope of this article to explain the complexities of health issues like chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia but I will try to at least address some important points.

In our worldwide META-Health Professional community the labels chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia are recognized as a medical diagnosis but these terms are usually not used. Why? Because honestly they are just labels. If you experience a specific set of symptoms together then this combination of symptoms is diagnosed and called CF or FM or other subsets. But getting this diagnosis does not really help and often puts us into a “box” which we will have trouble letting go.

Therefore in META-Health we look at the symptoms we experience through a detailed META-Health Analysis based on a 12-Questions Process. We discover what the underlying stress triggers, emotions, beliefs and lifestyle choices are that affect your organ symptoms, validate where in the healing process (the 5 major points and phases) you are and then find integrative solutions that work specifically for each individual client.

CFS and FM are a combination of symptoms you might experience as part of the over-stimulation of your body’s autonomous nervous system caused by specific stress triggers. Depending on the type of stress triggers in your life, your body will react with either muscle pain, digestive or respiratory issues. Because of the ongoing stimulation by stress triggers – which is usually a completely unconscioius process – these chronic processes are kept “alive” and you can’t fully regeneration and auto-regulate.

The majority of autonomous functions in our body are unconscious like breathing, pumping blood, stress hormones, etc. Our “old reptile brain” is known to manage many of these automated reactions including the fight or flight circuitry which is a biological reaction we all know about. If we experience an unexpected, dramatic, isolative event in our life then our flight-flighti-freeze response kicks in. This stimulus-response reflex is a very important survival reaction.

But if we experience many of these stress triggers, as we call them in META-Health, and don’t find ways to let them go or deal with the life situations like divorce, job loss, insults, fights, etc.internally or externally, then the process becomes chronic and our autonomous nervous system will be in constant stress-sympathetic mode with the corresponding symptoms of CFS and FM. 

Let me give you examples!

Mary has been diagnosed with CFS and for the last 9 months has had muscle and joint pain, digestive disturbances, respiratory problems, headaches and chronic, severe exhaustion.

After a META-Health Analysis (performed by board-certified META-Health Professionals) we found the following body-mind-social connections and specific stress triggers which matched her current life situation:

  • Chronic, severe exhaustion
    If we don’t follow our life’s purpose, are on the wrong track or path or just don’t know what to do with our life, then usually the adrenal cortex reacts with underfuction. During the stress phase the production of corticosteroide hormones is lower which is causing a stressed fatigue and an overall weakness which is very typical for CFS and FM. 
  • Muscle and joint pain
    In addition, Mary has been constantly triggered by her own self-talk of “not feeling good enough”. She feels that she is not able to achieve the career she wants which in turn makes her very angry (9 on a scale from 0-10). This anger together with the “automated thoughts” put pressure on the muscles/bones-joints which then react with the pain symptoms.
  • Digestive disturbances
    The small intestines with indigestion followed by diarrhea are affected if we can’t “digest” emotions, thoughts and life situations. Mary just could not digest the separation from her husband about 10 months ago (interestingly enough just before the CFS started = Trauma and Stress Trigger).
  • Respiratory problems
    Shortness of breath, chest pain, coughing and mucous are typical symptoms of the regeneration phase of the bronchial mucosa which relates to “scared-fright-anxiety”. In Mary’s world she was constantly retriggered by seeing her ex-husband and being afraid to speak up and say how she really felt about him and the divorce (because her deep-rooted belief that a woman just doesn’t express her anger and emotions).
  • Headaches
    In META-Health we know that headaches may appear as part of the regeneration phase because of swelling and odema which is a normal and necessary process of organ-brain repair. After explaining the connection Mary realized that whenever she felt really stressed (stress phase) there was no headache followed by strong headaches during the regeneration phase (where she also felt really exhausted, sleepy and very low in energy).
  • Low Vitality and Motivation
    In addition, we discovered that over the last 9 month nutrition and exercise has not been a priority and has deteriorated significantly. Mary felt low in vitality and just did not have the energy to take action.

You might have realize by now why is has been so difficult to find solutions for chronic health issues like CFS and FM. But by understanding the direct link between stress triggers, emotions, thoughts and our lifestyle choice we discover completely new solutions and ways to remove blockages and allow for self-healing to happen.

​Lars Mygind, Senior META-Health Master Trainer and Celebrity Therapist in Denmark says: “The biggest challenge of healing CFS is when my clients are not willing to make fundamental changes in their lifestyle. Because every time they do they get better.​

What is the solution?

META-Health Professionals work with CFS and FM clients on a daily basis and will use a wide variety of modalities like emotional release, realigning our beliefs and values, finding our life’s purpose, making necessary lifestyle changes and symptom treatment (if needed) to help clients regain their health.

There is no quick fix. Yes I know we so want a medication or mircle treatment or miracle therapist work on us and suddenly all problems have been resolved. This happens sometimes but the reality is that it took us many months or often years to unconsciously create these symptoms. And what is needed now is our attention, our awareness and conscious actions to change our behaviour.

Most important is to be truthful to ourselves and become aware of the deep connection between how we feel, what we think, how we perceive stress and our organ symptoms.

Because you know… YOU can change your emotions and thoughts and your perceptions of life. And if YOU can change, then your symptoms will change with us.

Written by Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder META-Health University and author META-Health. www.metahealthuniversity.com

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