Congratulations to our new META-Health Practitioner Graduates

Congratulations to our META-Health University graduates who has just completed their META-Health Practitioner (META-P) Certification Training. The 6-Month and 125 Hour program is focusing on META-Health Analysis using the 12 META-Questions to find the specific stress triggers, emotions, beliefs and social situations which trigger symptoms.

Caroline Rhodes
Bonnie J. Martin
​Maya Burkhard
Timothy J. Ryan
Masayo Yoshikawa
Rosel van der Merwe
Karen […]

What the Bleep is META-Health – Part 2?

Thanks for the great response of last weeks blog post “What the Bleep is META-Health?“.

Let’s look at META-Health from another angle. Like I mentioned, META-Health is paradox because it looks at the big picture of health and defines a new healing paradigm and a new language for a true integrative health care system.

But what makes META-Health such […]