Connecting the Microbiome and Antibiotics to Obesity


Tracing a Path From Campylobacter to the Microbiome

Eric J. Topol, MD: Hello. I’m Eric Topol, editor-in-chief of Medscape, and I am pleased to have Dr Martin Blaser join me for this One-on-One interview. Dr Blaser runs the Human Microbiome Center at New York University, and has been a leader in infectious diseases for decades. It’s […]

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Family Secrets, Obesity and the Key to Transformation

Comment: Can traumatic life events affect or health? And if yes what causes or influences the onset of diabetes or obesity? Informative article with a video and a client case written by Kora Klapp, META-Health Master Trainer.

“In the 1980s, Dr. Vincent Felitti, now director of the California Institute of Preventive Medicine in San Diego, discovered something […]