Did You Know Vitamin D Absorption Could Be Blocked By Stress?

Stress is something we all live with. Whether it’s the short term adrenaline drop that happens when a car accident is averted or the chronic stress that accompanies financial, professional, or relationship problems—we all deal with it to one extent or another. Needless to say, this stress, particularly the chronic kind, has many negative side […]

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The Causes of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia … are not what you think!

Over the last weeks I had clients and have been asked by my students repeatedly about what CFS or CFIDS are from a META-Health perspective. Why do you experience Chronic Fatigue? Is there a root-cause that triggers these symptoms? What roles do our emotions and stress play? Can META-Health offer understanding, awareness and solutions to […]

What the Bleep is META-Health – Part 2?

Thanks for the great response of last weeks blog post “What the Bleep is META-Health?“.

Let’s look at META-Health from another angle. Like I mentioned, META-Health is paradox because it looks at the big picture of health and defines a new healing paradigm and a new language for a true integrative health care system.

But what makes META-Health such […]

What the Bleep is META-Health? – Part 1

Whenever something new appears it takes a while for the NEW to be understood and to find its place in society and people’s consciousness. Our mind works in wonderous ways. Because, through our subjective perception we usually need a “mental

Natural Approaches to Prevention and Treatment of Heart Disease with Dr. Erminia Guarneri

Dr. Guarneri, one of the leaders in Integrative Medicine worldwide, will talk at the META-Health Online World Summit how she is using natural approaches to prevention and treatment very successfully in her practice at Skripps University San Diego.