META-Health 101 – The Foundation

So what does it mean to be META-Healthy? One definition from MHU founder Johannes R. Fisslinger is that to be META-Healthy means that you are aware of your bodies intelligence, you know what your stress triggers (or buttons!) are and you understand which emotions and beliefs are affecting your symptoms.

Being META-Healthy goes even deeper than this […]

Invitation for 7th META-Health Conference in Hawaii Oct. 24-28, 2015

Join us Oct. 24-28, 2015 for the META-Health Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii featuring world-renowned experts in Integrative Medicine and META-Health.

The Conference will be held at the gorgeous Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort at Waikiki Beach. With 22 acres of tropical gardens, swaying coconut palms, fragrant flowers and exotic wildlife, this is a magical location to learn […]

Personal Video Message from the Founder

Now is the time to learn META-Health and the Art and Science of Self-Healing. Watch below video and personal message from Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder of the META-Health University.

And make sure to talk to Emma Patricio, MHU graduate and request your Special Tuition Credit & Bonus Offer (up to $3,300). Plus you also receive a FREE Hawaii […]

Ebola, Marburg, Swine, Bird Flue Virus – Stop blaming Microbes.

The latest Ebola outbreak shows how deadly and devastating infectious diseases can be. Ebola, Marburg, Bird or Swine Flu and other viral infectious diseases scare us because we seem to be fight against something invisible. The fear of being infected and these viruses creating havoc in our body is so powerful that often a sensible […]

Integrative META-Health Certification Trainings offered by META-Health University

META-Health University, a private educational higher education institution with the mission to offer high quality courses, diplomas and degress in Integrative Health and META-Health has been officially launched Nov. 1.

META-Health University is building an innovative education platform with world-renowned faculty, top-notch classes and a deeply connected network of over 1,000 META-Health Professionals worldwide.

“Integrative Medicine is […]

Revolutionary New Healing Wisdom at the Integrative Medicine Online World Summit from November 21-30, 2013

Los Angeles, November 5, 2013 — 30 World-renowned Integrative Medicine experts including Bruce Lipton, Bernie Siegel, David Katz MD, David Wolfe, Mimi Guarneri MD, Gary Craig, Deborah King, Mariel Hemingway, John Robbins, Adriana and Tad James, David Hamilton PhD, Johannes R. Fisslinger, Lars Mygind, Lene Hansson will share the newest health sciences at the Be META-Healthy […]