Wondering what META-Health really is? Watch this video …

Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder META-Health University shares why and how META-Health is the foundation knowledge for all health professionals aiming to be leaders in the new emerging health paradigm.


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Interview with Tina and Gary Craig, EFT Founder

My last blog article EFT/Tapping does NOT work? has triggered lots of responses and discussions. To my surprise Gary Craig called me after someone has forwarded the article to him. We had a great talk and agreed that the best way to share and discuss would be through an interview.

You might be surprised by what […]

The 10 Reasons Why Health Professionals Fail

Join Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder of META-Health University, Author of META-Health and President of the Intl. META-Medicine Association in this enlightening FREE webinar. Johannes will cover in this free webinar:

The 10 specific reasons why health professional businesses fail and challenges therapists face and what to do about it. Why are some therapists incredibly successful while others struggle? What […]

Congratulations to our new META-Health Practitioner Graduates

Congratulations to our META-Health University graduates who has just completed their META-Health Practitioner (META-P) Certification Training. The 6-Month and 125 Hour program is focusing on META-Health Analysis using the 12 META-Questions to find the specific stress triggers, emotions, beliefs and social situations which trigger symptoms.

Caroline Rhodes
Bonnie J. Martin
​Maya Burkhard
Timothy J. Ryan
Masayo Yoshikawa
Rosel van der Merwe
Karen […]

Integrative META-Health Certification Trainings offered by META-Health University

META-Health University, a private educational higher education institution with the mission to offer high quality courses, diplomas and degress in Integrative Health and META-Health has been officially launched Nov. 1.

META-Health University is building an innovative education platform with world-renowned faculty, top-notch classes and a deeply connected network of over 1,000 META-Health Professionals worldwide.

“Integrative Medicine is […]

More META-Health Summit Trailer Videos

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