META-Health 101 – The Process of Disease

As we’ve seen, in META-Health and other empowering models of health and wellness, disease follows a process than when viewed from within the right paradigm has the potential to lead us to greater self-knowledge and ultimately health.


What does this actually mean? It means that if you look at disease, or for that matter any unexpected […]

META-Health 101 – Is Your Body Intelligent?

One of the most important health beliefs you might want to think about is this:

Do you consider your body to be intelligent?

When you recognise the truth in this statement it can help you, and your clients, develop an incredible level of trust in your physiology that can help act as an antidote to the fear […]

META-Health 101 – The Foundation

So what does it mean to be META-Healthy? One definition from MHU founder Johannes R. Fisslinger is that to be META-Healthy means that you are aware of your bodies intelligence, you know what your stress triggers (or buttons!) are and you understand which emotions and beliefs are affecting your symptoms.

Being META-Healthy goes even deeper than this […]

Free Webinar: 3 Keys To Success

Talking to our MHU students and health professionals around the world over the last years I have noticed that one of the biggest challenges health professionals face is to make a living doing what they love.

We all want to live our dream and live our passions … AND at the same time pay our bills […]

Free Webinar | Are you trapped in these 3 misconceptions about Spontaneous Healings?

Have you been taught in school about how your body heals? Or what the natural process of self-healing is? I haven’t … I had to learn it from many different sources over the last 25 years.

In Sunday’s Free Webinar I will show you how you can use the power of Spontaneous Remissions and the Art […]

World’s Leading Authorities in Rootcause Analysis meets in Hawaii?

What happens when you gather some of the world most leading authorities in integrative health and wellness on an island in Hawaii?  You gain total transformation for yourself and your health business.
That’s exactly what is expected at this years 7th annual META-Health Conference being held October 24-28, 2015 in Oahu.  As doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, health […]

Free Webinar: The Fear of Cancer (Replay)

Fear is a very important natural response helping us to protect ourselves and deal with life-threatening or dangerous situations. Fear is an important emotion and has been hard-wired into us due to its vital role in the survival of the individual. Researchers have found that fear is established unconsciously and that the amygdala is involved with fear conditioning.
It […]

Measles from a META-perspective

Comment: Kora Klapp, MHU faculty explores the original and process of measles. Over the last months there have been very emotional discussions especially in Germany and US about measles and if a mandatory vaccination should be required. In META-Health we try to stay above these limiting points of view or discussions and discover why microbes become active, […]

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Ebola, Marburg, Swine, Bird Flue Virus – Stop blaming Microbes.

The latest Ebola outbreak shows how deadly and devastating infectious diseases can be. Ebola, Marburg, Bird or Swine Flu and other viral infectious diseases scare us because we seem to be fight against something invisible. The fear of being infected and these viruses creating havoc in our body is so powerful that often a sensible […]

Don’t join our META-Health experiment unless you mean business!

Are you a workshop addict? Looking for the next big thing? Trying to find new tools or therapies even if you have studied many already? Do you still feel insecure in your holistic disease analysis? Or are you seriously considering going beyond short-term thinking and building a sustainable and professional career in integrative and natural […]