Online Radio Interview with Johannes R. Fisslinger

Johannes R. Fisslinger, the Author of META-Health has been interviewed by Paula Horan for EFTRADIOONLINE. You can watch the full interview here:

World’s Leading Authorities in Rootcause Analysis meets in Hawaii?

What happens when you gather some of the world most leading authorities in integrative health and wellness on an island in Hawaii?  You gain total transformation for yourself and your health business.
That’s exactly what is expected at this years 7th annual META-Health Conference being held October 24-28, 2015 in Oahu.  As doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, health […]

Why Constipation?

In META-Health we understand that the root cause of disease is stress.  Or to be more exact, specific stress reactions that are characterized by internalized thoughts and emotions which have become ‘trapped’ in the body tissues. The Art and Science of META-Health involves creating awareness about this biological-unconscious process and associating clients into the emotions or attitudes they are […]

Why sometimes doing nothing is best for healing conjunctivitis!

Sometimes with META-Health the correct course of action is to do nothing!  I’ll give you an example…A client came to see me with a classic case of conjunctivitis.  Her right eye was swollen, red and itchy, which of course was really uncomfortable for her.  What had caused her body to react in this way?
You’re probably […]

The Causes of Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia … are not what you think!

Over the last weeks I had clients and have been asked by my students repeatedly about what CFS or CFIDS are from a META-Health perspective. Why do you experience Chronic Fatigue? Is there a root-cause that triggers these symptoms? What roles do our emotions and stress play? Can META-Health offer understanding, awareness and solutions to […]

Integrative META-Health Certification Trainings offered by META-Health University

META-Health University, a private educational higher education institution with the mission to offer high quality courses, diplomas and degress in Integrative Health and META-Health has been officially launched Nov. 1.

META-Health University is building an innovative education platform with world-renowned faculty, top-notch classes and a deeply connected network of over 1,000 META-Health Professionals worldwide.

“Integrative Medicine is […]

What the Bleep is META-Health – Part 2?

Thanks for the great response of last weeks blog post “What the Bleep is META-Health?“.

Let’s look at META-Health from another angle. Like I mentioned, META-Health is paradox because it looks at the big picture of health and defines a new healing paradigm and a new language for a true integrative health care system.

But what makes META-Health such […]

What the Bleep is META-Health? – Part 1

Whenever something new appears it takes a while for the NEW to be understood and to find its place in society and people’s consciousness. Our mind works in wonderous ways. Because, through our subjective perception we usually need a “mental

​Obamacare is DOOMED. Like it or Not!

“Integrative Medicine, Prevention and META-Health are the solution. Not making changes or trying to rescue a doomed disease management system.” says Johannes R. Fisslinger, Host of the upcoming First Integrative Medicine and META-Health Online World Summit Nov. 21-30.
Do you remember the last scene in the classic movie Thelma & Louise where they both look into each […]

Why we started META-Health University?

Integrative Medicine is the Future. No question about it. It makes sense taking the best of all practices and focusing on the whole person and prevention. Integrative Medicine feels like the right path because it has been proven to be successful. And it will help to solve the current health care crisis and rising costs associated with it.

BUT I believe the current education for Integrative Health Professionals is not yet where it needs to be. Even though there are many excellent and credentialed Integrative Medicine Schools I feel they do not teach what really matters.

Courses about the Mind-Body Connection, Health and Wellness Coaching, Clinical and Applied Hypnosis, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback, Mindfulness, etc. are very important and are also taught at META-Health University.

But where we set ourselves apart – by a long distance – is offering health professionals protocols and tools for a precise META-Health Analysis based on the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief-Social Connection.