Congratulations to our new META-Health Practitioner Graduates

Congratulations to our META-Health University graduates who has just completed their META-Health Practitioner (META-P) Certification Training. The 6-Month and 125 Hour program is focusing on META-Health Analysis using the 12 META-Questions to find the specific stress triggers, emotions, beliefs and social situations which trigger symptoms.

Caroline Rhodes
Bonnie J. Martin
​Maya Burkhard
Timothy J. Ryan
Masayo Yoshikawa
Rosel van der Merwe
Karen […]

Why we started META-Health University?

Integrative Medicine is the Future. No question about it. It makes sense taking the best of all practices and focusing on the whole person and prevention. Integrative Medicine feels like the right path because it has been proven to be successful. And it will help to solve the current health care crisis and rising costs associated with it.

BUT I believe the current education for Integrative Health Professionals is not yet where it needs to be. Even though there are many excellent and credentialed Integrative Medicine Schools I feel they do not teach what really matters.

Courses about the Mind-Body Connection, Health and Wellness Coaching, Clinical and Applied Hypnosis, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback, Mindfulness, etc. are very important and are also taught at META-Health University.

But where we set ourselves apart – by a long distance – is offering health professionals protocols and tools for a precise META-Health Analysis based on the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief-Social Connection.


Welcome to META-Health University

META-Health University, a private educational higher education institution with the mission to offer high quality courses, diplomas and degress in Integrative Health and META-Health welcomes you. […]