Measles from a META-perspective

Comment: Kora Klapp, MHU faculty explores the original and process of measles. Over the last months there have been very emotional discussions especially in Germany and US about measles and if a mandatory vaccination should be required. In META-Health we try to stay above these limiting points of view or discussions and discover why microbes become active, […]

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Family Secrets, Obesity and the Key to Transformation

Comment: Can traumatic life events affect or health? And if yes what causes or influences the onset of diabetes or obesity? Informative article with a video and a client case written by Kora Klapp, META-Health Master Trainer.

“In the 1980s, Dr. Vincent Felitti, now director of the California Institute of Preventive Medicine in San Diego, discovered something […]

Do viruses make us smarter?

Comment: Like so often it takes many years or decades until we discover the true meaning of a body part (like the spleen) or parts of our cell structure (like retroviruses which were considered not important). In META-Health we do trust our body’s healing intelligence even if we can’t proven all aspects of that amazing […]

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Bruce Lipton and The Power of Belief, Honeymoon Effect and New Biology. New Medicine.

Do your genes determine your destiny? Why are cells and human beings influenced by their lifestyle and environment? Join Bruce Lipton at his META-Health Summit presentation talking about The Power of Belief, The Honeymoon Effect and about the need for a New Biology and New Medicine.