Podcast #10: Emotional and Behavioural Therapy with Marc Solomon

Why me? Why now? We are asking these essential questions all the time when we experience symptoms. In this remarkable interview Marc Solomon will share with you his experience helping clients for the last 10 years, how stress effects your health and why it is possible to transform back pain, eczema, carpel tunnel, allergies and […]

Interview with Tina and Gary Craig, EFT Founder

My last blog article EFT/Tapping does NOT work? has triggered lots of responses and discussions. To my surprise Gary Craig called me after someone has forwarded the article to him. We had a great talk and agreed that the best way to share and discuss would be through an interview.

You might be surprised by what […]

EFT and Tapping do NOT work?

Recently at the META-Health University a doctor student made a profound statement: “EFT, Tapping and all these quick fix energy methods just don’t work. I have studied medicine for many years and now I can heal all my patients just by attending a few days of training. I don’t think so”.
I totally understand where he […]

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) – The missing piece to the healing puzzle with Gary Craig

This is a presentation not to be missed. Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, in one of his rare interviews. RSVP at www.metahealthsummit.com.