Free Webinar | Are you trapped in these 3 misconceptions about Spontaneous Healings?

Have you been taught in school about how your body heals? Or what the natural process of self-healing is? I haven’t … I had to learn it from many different sources over the last 25 years.

In Sunday’s Free Webinar I will show you how you can use the power of Spontaneous Remissions and the Art […]

Free Webinar June 28: Spontaneous Remissions and The Art and Science of Self-Healing

Do spontaneous healings exist? Are partial or complete disappearance of symptoms without traditional treatments very rare or do they happen on a regular basis?
Have you experienced spontaneous remissions?

Is there an Art and Science behind the natural process of self-healing? And most important can you study and apply it easy in your own life?

Join Johannes R. Fisslinger in this consciousness raising free webinar […]