Sugar Industry Secrets Exposed

Comment: These days it is very difficult to lower the sugar intake because it seems artifical sugars are in pretty much everything. Awareness is the first step and if we as a society agree that sugars play a major role in disease then we will be able to change laws and regulations. Sugar is the new […]

Free Webinar: The Fear of Cancer (Replay)

Fear is a very important natural response helping us to protect ourselves and deal with life-threatening or dangerous situations. Fear is an important emotion and has been hard-wired into us due to its vital role in the survival of the individual. Researchers have found that fear is established unconsciously and that the amygdala is involved with fear conditioning.
It […]

META-stasis – Is it a form of wound healing?

Comment: This is an excellent article written by Gaetana Tonti, bioscience researcher and META-Health Master Practitioner about proposing a new model of who and how metastasis develop.   

Metastasis derives from the Greek META: beyond, and STASIS: to place, and is used to describe the spread of cancer cells from the primary site to another organ/part of […]

Metastasis – a META-Health Perspective

What are metastasis from a META-Health point of view? Is a new understanding developing that might expand on the current traditional metastasis theory of malignant cells spreading from one cancer location to another organ?
This article by Gaetana Tonti, biologist and stem cell research proposes a completely new perspective on the cause and process of Metastasis.

>>> […]

How to avoid Cancer

Comment: We find below blog post and John Hopkins reply very interesting and enlightening and believe it is time to merge both extreme points of view into an Integrative Medicine point of view based on a META-Health understanding of the Body-Mind-Social Connection. See comment here.


Millons wrongly treated for ‘CANCER,’ National Cancer Instutite Panel confirms

A devastating new report commissioned by the National Cancer Institute reveals that our 40-year long ‘War on Cancer’ has been waged against a vastly misunderstood ‘enemy,’ that in many cases represented no threat to human health whatsoever.

If you have been following our advocacy work on cancer, particularly in connection with the dark side of breast […]