What keeps someone ticking along day after day, month after month? Even after years.

15 years ago, when I was working in the IT field, a little thought came into my head – “I came here to do something else”. It was that tiny seed that took roots, growing slowly at first, that’s got me to where I am now.
Having had some struggle in life in 2009, I learned that by addressing my thoughts and feelings this would then help the situation. I was finally listening to what would change the course of my life. I still look at that incident as a miracle; without it I might still be working in IT and not doing energy healing. Don’t get me wrong, it was a hard situation for me, but without realising why it came, I would still be stuck in a rut. In META-Health we call these real life Soul-utions.







That year I turned to meditation and certain healing techniques to help relieve anxiety, pain, coughs, colds, etc… I did it regularly and could see and feel my health and outlook towards life improving vastly
It was this deep feeling inside that I was changing. Slowly, but surely, the anger came down along with the anxiety. I gained a new appreciation for life; just the way it was. I wanted to teach others what was helping me. However, it wasn’t easy to pass these wonderful techniques onto other people. Very few could get them to work.

I still get challenges with emotions and situations. Of course; I’m human. This is one of my life lessons; that I need to have everything sorted out, but I can’t, it’s also a journey for me and that’s fine. Training in EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and then META-Health meant I could directly help people in one-to-one sessions. This was the turning point for me. I started getting confident and having more interesting stories to share; about myself, family and friends, my clients.

Those of you reading this probably already know what I’m talking about, it’s those who aren’t even looking, that won’t look. How can I reach those people? How can I explain to my own close family and friends that these changes are worth pursuing? It’s a task, to say the least. Just like when I used to ask people how they found having children, I don’t recall anyone telling me that melting / aching feeling in your heart when you hold your baby close to your skin; that you’d put your life on the line to protect your child. No, they talked about the poo, the sleepless nights, the loss of independence and the sheer hard work.

I’ve found I do this with META-Health. I often state the negatives, almost to make people aware of what to expect. I’d hate to over-sell anything, especially something I love. Is it due to fear of not being objective? I’m trying to change my words, so they’re more reflective of my real experiences with META-Health. How do I convey my message to the lay public? Sometimes when I bring in the emotional aspect, they think I’m crazy. The attitude I often get is that of course theirs is a physical symptom not an emotional one! It feels like healing has that extra 4th dimension that is very difficult to articulate. Words and expressions can’t drive the message home, which is why Johannes once said that they need to feel it.
Then there’s the marketing side.

I used to hate selling. I found it hard to advise people to have a session. I knew they needed it. With META-Health we go to places we simply can’t in our current conscious minds. Then I started to doubt myself in helping people. What if I’m being too pushy, too desperate? What if I can’t get rid of their pain? What happens if they experience some uncomfortable regeneration symptoms that I “caused”?
As time went on I’ve realised that I need to target my audience. I’ve noticed that the people who actually take sessions, are often those already aware of the effects of our minds in our lives, my clients are often entrepreneurs or spiritual people. However one of my aims is also to help make the lay public, who have not heard of or not open to energy healing, aware of META-Health and health empowerment.
I’ll be honest, once in a while I’ve said I want out. Should I get a 9 to 5 job where at least I’ll get regular pay? I’m often trying to bridge that gap between the world of my work, where spontaneous healings takes place and the ‘real’ world around me where there is still so much fear and disempowerment around our health. It’s a task, but one that’s worth pursuing, at least for as long as I can see.
This is why, even with the irregular pay, and the feeling of being in the minority still, I am able to come to my desk every morning. When people can’t “hear” what I’m saying or believe me because it sounds far-fetched, I still come. I can send countless emails and have no-one take my offer, but I have shown up. I didn’t choose this line of work. I got drawn to it over time. How could I do anything else when I know how it’s helped so many people so much? There are so many stories of unexpected healings.

So despite the difficulties, right now, I choose to stand up and be counted. One of thousands.

Avnita Suri, META-Health Master Practitioner