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What If You Could Find the Root-Cause Of 1,000+ Symptoms Just by Looking At A Chart?

You'll love how quickly you'll find the emotions, stress triggers & lifestyle choices affecting 150 organ tissue with over 1,000 symptoms, how your confidence in your skills improves and how your client's praise your ability to help them heal.

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A quick, accurate and effective way to allow clients to improve vitality and allow self healing.

Annie Gedye, Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach

Shane Melaugh

I use Lifestyle Prescriptions® and the Organ-Mind-Brain Charts in my practice and it's amazing to see the results with my patients.

Dr. Anton Bader, Medical Practice Germany

Jane Smith

Knowing the root causes stressors of symptoms makes healthier lives possible like never before.

Dr. Ilana Fernandez Psychologist, USA

Shane Melaugh

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