There is a very big difference between being a competent practitioner and a successful one. I wish the 2 were synonymous, but they’re not. There’s a popular concept that says – build it and they will come. ​ ​Unfortunately this is a philosophy that lots of practitioners unconsciously buy into that’s not helpful…because it’s just not true.


To be a successful practitioner you need to develop in 2 different ways​:

  • F​irst you need a skill-set that enables you to help people with a specific set of problems, this could be learning META-​Health, EFT, NLP – all wonderful disciplines that, with the right training, will give you a high level of competency.
  • Second you need to develop the skills of an entrepreneur or small business owner so – sales, marketing, financial planning, time-management etc.

Unfortunately, unless you are extraordinarily lucky or naturally good at business you won’t have a successful healthcare practice unless you also develop as a business owner because they are 2 separate skill sets.

And this is where lots of practitioners seem to lose their way.

Being a good practitioner won’t necessarily make you a successful one and being great at business won’t ensure clients if your healthcare skills aren’t up to much. You need to be both, then you have a real chance of not only making a living doing what you love but also developing a thriving practice that helps lots of people – and isn’t that why you got into this in the first place?

Business skills are easy to learn but the reality is that many practitioners either

  • don’t have the time or
  • don’t know where to start.

To help with this we’re planning a series of emails​ and blog articles​ that I hope will help you upgrade the business side of your practice in a way that leaves you more time and energy to focus on being a practitioner.

Can I ask you something?

  • What exactly do you need?
  • Do you have specific questions on the business side of being a practitioner?
  • On digital marketing? Social media?

If you do please post your questions ​in below comments form and we’ll do our best to answer them as comprehensively as possible.​

Or are you thriving? Do you have a tip you’d like to share with the MHU community? Please share on ​below Facebook ​comments too. To get you started on upgrading your skills, this week’s top tip ​is:

MHU Marketing Tip #1: Schedule your business and marketing!

Allocate a block of time every week to devote to actually running and promoting your business (rather than seeing clients) and stick to it. Even if this is just 1 or 2 hours a week, one of the cornerstones of marketing is consistency and this can be achieved by setting aside a specific block of time every week where you work on making your business more successful.

By timetabling you’re more likely to remember to do it and you’ll be in a better position to monitor and track your results and as someone wise once said – ‘where attention goes, energy flows!

Got more questions? Book a Free Career Consultation with me and find out how MHU can help you improve your root-cause analysis/therapy and marketing/business skills. Click to select a day and time.

Emma Patricio, MHU Director of Trainings

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