Expand your yoga teaching skills with advanced mind body and lifestyle medicine coaching skills.

Integrate META-Health and the Art and Science of Self-Healing in your yoga classes, workshops or yoga therapy sessions. 

You will learn how to use the Organ-Emotion-Belief-Social Connection, the 9 Major Points and Phases of Self-Healing and META-Health Yoga coaching and communication skills.

META-Health Yoga Teacher 125 Hour Certification Training

META-Health Yoga Teacher

  • Integrate cutting-edge bodymind and consciousness skills
  • Help your students beyond being a yoga teacher
  • Build a sustainable career as a META-Health Yoga Coach
  • Increase your income and live in prosperity

META-Health Professionals

  • Radically improve your Organ-Conflict Theme Knowledge
  • Expand your client base by adding META-Health Yoga to your practice
  • Achieve Excellence in META-Health

I Love Yoga and META-Health.

johannes150-185Why? Because both have transformed my own health and life. And what makes more sense than combining this ancient practice with a revolutionary new healing paradigm which is practiced by thousands of doctors, naturopaths, therapists and health coaches worldwide.

META-Health updates your health beliefs. You will loose fear of disease, understand and trust the innate healing intellligence and creates awareness of the stress triggers, emotions and belief affecting your organs.

META-Health Yoga is a deeply healing and spiritual practice based on the natural and bio-logical laws of our body.

Go beyond being a yoga teacher. Be a META-Health Yoga Teacher & Coach.

Be META-Healthy,

Johannes R. Fisslinger
Founder National Yoga Month
Founder META-Health University

Why study META-Health Yoga?

Five Powerful Reasons Why META-Health Is A Revolutionary New Health Paradigm, Unlike Anything You Have Studied Before … And Why It Will Transform Your Practice!

  1. Explains why we experience illnesses that won’t heal
  2. Allows you to easily spot the root-cause of your student’s symptoms
  3. Connects Organs, Emotions, Beliefs & Lifestyle with specific symptoms
  4. Reveals the 9 major points and phases of self-healing
  5. Is science-based, very specific and produces results

Who can attend?

The META-Health Yoga Intensive Training is for:

  • Yoga Teachers (RYT200 and up) to add Advanced Mind Body & Lifestyle Medicine and the Art and Science of Self-Healing to their yoga teaching skills and start a META-Health Yoga Teacher and Coaching Practice
  • META-Health Professionals (META-P and up) to improve their META-Health Analysis & Therapy and Organ Knowledge and Skills and add META-Health Yoga to their practice.

This Is What You will Receive

Our mission is to create a worldwide network of highly qualified META-Health Yoga Teachers & Therapists skilled in META-Health and the Art and Science of Self-Healing.

We want you to be successful, prosperous and in turn inspire your students and your community in a radically new way of thinking and feeling about illness, health and consciousness. 

Join our META-Health Yoga Global Movement!

META-Health Yoga Teacher's Training
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With your booking confirmation you will get instant access to the Foundation Online Training and you choose to attend an upcoming Live 5-Day Certification Training close to you.

META-Health Yoga Training Details

Curious about the nitty-gritty details of the training? Then click below tabs to learn more. 
Learn Advanced Body-Mind-Social Skills

In the META-Health Yoga Certification Training you will receive META-Health knowledge, protocols and exercises which you can integrate into your yoga classes and private therapy sessions right away. We will cover: 


  • Your Body’s Intelligence
  • The Power of your Health Beliefs
  • The Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief Connection
  • The 9 major Points and Phases of Healing
  • Emotions and Stress Triggers and Symptoms
  • Biological function of 12 major organ systems
  • Yoga Poses & Anatomy
  • Stress triggers and E-motions and their Organ Connection
  • Transformational Techniques to change Stress Triggers
  • Release blocked Organ Energies and Emotions
  • Mindfulness, Awareness and Beind

Read more foundation online course and live intensive training details below.

3-Months Online & Home Study

The 3-Month Online Training will prepare your body and mind for the 5-Day Intensive and includes:

  • 25 Teleseminars
    Accessible via the META-Health University student portal right away. You can use any PC or our easy-to-use Android / iOS student app to watch and replay them as often as needed.
  • 3 Live Practice and Supervision Online Sessions
    With META-Health University and National Yoga Month Founder Johannes R. Fisslinger to integrate what you have learned.
    Scheduled 2015 live class times are: Feb. 22, March 7, March 21 @ 11am PST | 2pm EST | 19.00 UK | 20.00 D/DK (via PC, smartphone or tablet or replay anytime).
  • Extensive META-Health Yoga Manual
    Including the emotion, stress, belief connection with major organs, yoga poses affecting specific organs, polarity breathing and other skills
  • META-Health Yoga Discussion Forum and Community
    Meet your fellow students, ask questions, comment and learn and grow as a community
  • Lifetime Access to MHU student portal
5-Day Intensive Certification Training

The 5-Day Intensive LIVE Training Level 2 includes:

  • Practicing META-Health Yoga Sequences
    Integrate what you have learned in the Foundation Training into your existing teaching skills.
  • Organ-Emotion-Belief-Yoga Pose Connection
    Know which stress triggers and emotions are affecting specific organ tissue like bones, skin, lungs, heart and all other organs.
  • Biology, Organ Breathing and Consciousness
    Use your students body mind symptoms as feedback for personal and spiritual growth.
  • Improving META-Health Communication Skills
    Integrate META-Health language skills to help clients get to the rootcause of their body mind symptoms easily.
  • Using Transformation Techniques in your classes
    Learn skills to help students release negative emotions and stress triggers and reframe limiting beliefs.
  • META-Health Yoga Certification
    Get your certificate as a META-Health Yoga Teacher and officially teach META-Health Yoga classes and workshops worldwide.

The Live Trainings are offered in USA, Spain and other locations (travel and accomodation are not included). Request dates and location here.

5-Day Intensive Schedule

The 8 META-Health Milestones of Self-Healing
META-Health Yoga Practice Session

META-Health Yoga sequence (regenerative movements, breathing, awareness)
Brain Stem Organs & Conflicts (Digestive Track and survival organs)
Organ and Analysis Demo & Practice Session
Cerebellum Organs & Conflicts (Breast gland, pleura, dermis and protection organs)
META-Health Yoga Practice Session

META-Health Yoga sequence II (stretches and organ breathing)
Cerebral Medulla Organs & Conflicts (bones, muscles and worth organs)
Organ and Analysis Demo & Practice Session
Cerebral Cortex Organs & Conflicts (eyes, ears, outer skins and social organs)
META-Health Yoga Practice Session

META-Health Yoga sequence III (integrating META-Health language)
Rapport (Breathing, Language, VAKOGS, Keywords, Eye Movements, Energy)
Communication Skills (Chunking, Language Patterns, Reframing)
Emotional, Stress Triggers and Belief Change Skills
META-Health Yoga Practice Session

META-Health Yoga Practice Evaluation Sessions (Small Groups)
Teaching Preparation, Marketing, Guidelines & Certification


Depending on your prior qualifications you will achieve these META-Health Yoga certifications:

Yoga Teachers (RYT200 and up)

  • META-Health Yoga Teacher: You will be automatically certified after completition of the 3-Month Online Course and attending the 5-Day Intensive.
  • META-Health Yoga Coach: Attend the META-Health Master Practitioner Training to become an IMMA board-certified META-Health Yoga Coach.

META-Health Professionals (META-P/MP/MPS)

  • You will receive a certificate of attendance to fulfill your IMMA ongoing education certification and you can integrate META-Health Yoga exercises into your practice.
gita-jayakumar150“I have combined META Health and Yoga with my students and the results have been tremendous. Students who found themselves unable to lose weight are now at their ideal weights, those who had issues of depression and anxiety, diabetes, blood pressure and so on, now find themselves in the pink of health and positivity. All thanks to META-Health Yoga.”
Gita Jayakumar, Yoga Teacher, META-Health Specialist, India

marikahahne-metahealthyoga150“​I use the integration of META-Health and Yoga for a normal drop-in class, for courses or for more customized private sessions, deepening my participants experiences and also expanding my own understanding of yoga, health and healing.​ For me, using the META-Health diagnostic tool as well as the META-Health Organ-Mind encyclopedia has given me invaluable tools in teaching yoga, in understanding and helping my students.
​Marika Hahne, Certified Yoga and META-Health Yoga​ Teacher, Sweden


META-Health University is not just a excellent school but a place where new health paradigm leaders meet and inspire each other.

Our vision is to inspire millions of people around the world to become aware of their body’s healing intelligence and to achieve their highest potential by integrating META-Health and the Art and Science of Self-Healing.

Join our global META-Health movement. Be part of a worldwide network of progressive and inspirational META-Health Professionals.

At META-Health University we take our vision and our students seriously and have fun doing it. Our MHU faculty and staff are passionate about helping you succeed and will do everything needed to support you during the META-Health Training.

Pre-Study Anytime. Anywhere.

Woman-Tablet02F11328fixedBThe META-Health Yoga Certification Training combines the best of both worlds:

  • The 5-Day Intensive LIVE and the
  • Pre-Study Foundation Online Training.

Preparing yourself for the live certification training is easy because you can access our easy-to-use META-Health University student portal using your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Inside the student portal you can attend the pre-study live sessions, replay videos, access teleseminars, worksheets, handbook and forms.

Want to learn while driving or on the subway? Then use our MHU Student Android/iOS and IMMA Organ directory apps, download mp3 and pdf files and listen offline. 

Our 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee

metahealthuniversity-30days-guaranteeWe want you to succeed and will do everything possible to help you live your dream. If you are unsatisfied with the course for any reason within the first 30 days of your booking, we will refund your money in full

We are extremely confident that you feel the value and see yourself becoming a META-Health Yoga Teacher and Coach. This training includes the knowledge and skills needed to expand your yoga teacher practice.

With the low investment for this training you can start building a career and sustainable health profession using cutting-edge bodymind and quantum medicine wisdom.

Be A Leader In Your Community. Teach META-Health Yoga!

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