As we’ve seen, in META-Health and other empowering models of health and wellness, disease follows a process than when viewed from within the right paradigm has the potential to lead us to greater self-knowledge and ultimately health.



What does this actually mean? It means that if you look at disease, or for that matter any unexpected bodily process, through the right lens or paradigm, then there is always the potential to learn something about yourself and ultimately grow. What META-Health does is offer a model to decipher the messages contained within a symptom and then provides a road map to navigate through them. One of the 1st principles we teach is the ‘The 5 Points and Phases of Healing’. Regardless of the organ involved, there is a trackable process the body goes through when its experiencing symptoms, these are –

  1. Stress Trigger – This is the initial stress and can be as obvious as an actual traumatic event like a car crash or as subtle as an insult from someone you love.
  2. Stress Phase – This is the collection of symptoms or processes the organ tissue will go through as it registers a stress and these vary from tissue to tissue.
  3. Regeneration Trigger – This is the signal to start the healing process, it can be subconscious and automatic as the body pushes towards homeostasis or the result of intervention.
  4. Regeneration Phase – During this phase the tissues do all they can to readdress the balance disturbed during the stress phase. For some tissues this balance is achieved through an increase in function and for others through a reduction. Interestingly, SOME tumours are the result of the process of regeneration as the body attempts to bring itself back into balance and not a disease process per se at all.

Health – Homeostasis returns.

Although this simplified process has within it all the ingredients for maintaining vibrant health, what usually happens is the person becomes re-triggered before the regeneration process is complete. This is the picture in chronic conditions – stress trigger, stress phase, regeneration trigger then the stress trigger again – and so the process repeats, sometimes for many years. This is where the META-Health therapy model and the art of intervention steps in. The focus is on removing the blocks to regeneration through energy release techniques, awareness and most recently with our micro habit change protocol – Lifestyle Prescriptions. The power of this model is that once you’re aware of it, you can begin to track this processes within your own body. When you next experience a symptom, look at your life over the preceding few weeks and see if there was an event that could have triggered it. Observation is powerful.