One of the most challenging aspects to growth and forward motion can be the ‘oh yes, I know that already’ syndrome.


I have to admit I have definitely been guilty of thisA common practice amongst practitioners is to collect lots of information, attend seminars, obtain certificates and to grow exponentially in knowledge without actually APPLYING the information. The ‘I know that already’ syndrome can be a real block to growth as we tend to dismiss information we’ve heard before without asking ourselves whether we’re actually using it. This knowledge without application can give the illusion of progress but can prevent us from ever gaining traction. It’s also something that META-Health Practitioners can be faced with quite regularly
“You work with the mind-body connection? Yeah I know about that”

The reality is that having a conceptual understanding that there is a link between symptoms and our emotions, although an evolved viewpoint in itself, is still not the same as having a working knowledge of WHICH organ symptoms relate to which SPECIFIC emotions or more accurately, thought patterns. When I find myself dismissing information because I think I know it already, I now try to remember to ask myself if I’m actually applying it? And If not why not! It’s a simple but powerful process.

Several years ago META-Health made the transition from META-Medicine to META-Health as a move away from an information based body of knowledge towards one with a greater focus on application and health solutions. Definitely a positive move forward. In the process of this transition research was carried out on the impact health beliefs had on whether someone was able to heal or not. It was discovered that beliefs can affect not only how symptoms are interpreted but even the way and to what extent the organ affected displays symptoms in the 1st place. Powerful stuff.

For example if you believe you’re not strong or worthy enough to cope with an aspect of your life, that belief ‘I’m not worthy’ will have a function minus affect on your bones, this could manifest as a loss of function, Osteoporosis or even fractures. I’d be very interested to compare the rates of Osteoporosis in over the 70s in societies who still revere their seniors, compared to societies that don’t.

Based on this understanding of the role of beliefs on healing, META-Health hopes to share a system that will not only empower its users to update their beliefs and therefore improve their quality of life but also positively contribute to the collective consciousness around healthcare in general.