One of the most important health beliefs you might want to think about is this:

Do you consider your body to be intelligent?

META-Health 101 Bodys Healing Intelligence

When you recognise the truth in this statement it can help you, and your clients, develop an incredible level of trust in your physiology that can help act as an antidote to the fear and disempowerment that prevails in much of the current healthcare system.

This isn’t intended to make light of serious illness or to suggest that the body knows best and we just need to allow it do ‘do its thing’.  Of course intervention and treatment are a necessary part of the journey, but it’s a very different approach to treatment to have the attitude that our bodies are always doing the very best they can, with the resources available and that symptoms are intelligent communication.

As opposed to the other attitude, which a billboard I saw recently proudly exclaiming ‘Kick Cancers Butt!’ illustrates, that symptoms are an enemy to be defeated.  These are based on very different beliefs, the idea that symptoms are a sign of something malfunctioning – rather than intelligent communication – is very ingrained and often it’s not until a client sees 1sthand a clear connection between an emotion and a symptom, that they really believe it.

Long held beliefs can be persistent!

One approach that can be helpful is to show that beliefs can be a choice; which belief is more supportive….that the body is intelligent and always working for us or that symptoms are random, can appear at any point and that we have no control over them?  Another way to start to develop a greater level of trust in this intelligence is to practice tuning in to an organ tissue and actually feeling the energy stored there.  This has the added benefit of sometimes stimulating a shift as we give space and attention to a previously overlooked pocket of emotion.

This is the mind-body connection we’ve all heard so much about, however that’s just part of the picture.

In META-Health we look at the Mind-Body-Social connection because how can we separate ourselves from the rest of our lives?  The environment in which we live, our relationships, our careers, our finances all have a bearing on our health.  From the old viewpoint, that we are mechanical beings and a closed system, meaning you stop at your skin, this would make sense.

However, it’s now known that we’re quantum energetic beings and our physical bodies are only a part of the equation and so we can’t really separate ourselves or our health issues, from the bigger picture of our lives.  META-Health addresses this more expanded viewpoint – truly medicine for the 21st century.