My last blog article EFT/Tapping does NOT work? has triggered lots of responses and discussions. To my surprise Gary Craig called me after someone has forwarded the article to him. We had a great talk and agreed that the best way to share and discuss would be through an interview.

You might be surprised by what Gary Craig, EFT Founder and Tina Craig, program director ACEP, had to say.

Like I mentioned in my last article I love and use Energy Psychology methods for a very long time and we teach it – among the META-Health foundational knowledge and many other essential analysis and therapy skills – in our META-Health Master Practitioner Certification Training. They are effective tools that can be learned rather quickly and work really well to release negative emotions and reframe stress triggers and traumatic memories.

But the points many traditional medicine expert make is a valid one: No technique, tool or technology product can be a miracle cure and in-depth training is needed.

Gary and Tina expressed themselves very clearly about the need for in-depth training and I can only support their point of view. To create a new health paradigm we need to create leaders and experts and that can only be done through quality education – which is our main goal at META-Health University.

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