Talking to our MHU students and health professionals around the world over the last years I have noticed that one of the biggest challenges health professionals face is to make a living doing what they love.
We all want to live our dream and live our passions … AND at the same time pay our bills or become financially independent (or wealthy … depending on your values). But prosperity is only a reflection of a much deeper internal process which determines success in any area of your life.
In our upcoming July 14 webinar you will learn the 3 keys of success for health professionals. Watch the short trailer video on the registration page and find out what the first 2 keys of success are.

“The success of your health practice 
will be in direct proportion to the 
confidence your clients have in 
your ability to get them results.“

For me personally what made the difference in my life and helped me succeed was (and is …) to have a network of experts I could reach out to. Someone who helped me on my path and guided me. Why repeat the same mistakes all over again? Why torture your mind trying different solutions again and again? Why not take advantage of the wisdom and expertise of someone who has done it … and been there? 
We all face challenges. But all this can and will change if we learn how to switch from a “fight/fight/freeze” response to a state of awareness where we take conscious decisions and actions.
In META-Health we know about the power of these unconscious organ-mind-brain reactions. Fear, feeling powerless, self-devaluation or territorial anger and being disgusted or feeling separated might be holding us back. If this is the case for you, then consider …. no actually TAKE a powerful conscious step outside of that automated unconsciousness process.
The truth is you can CHANGE. And you can you have it all.
  • Radically improve your own health & life
  • Become a Master In Root-Cause Analysis, Therapy & Coaching
  • Build a successful & fulfilling business
… and be financially independent doing what you love.
Be META-Healthy,
Johannes R. Fisslinger
PS: Register for the July 14 webinar first and on the Thank You Page you will find a link to Dr. Anton Bader’s podcast about Brain Relay Diagnostics and the Organ-Brain-Mind Connection. Pretty amazing …