30 Integrative Medicine and META-Health experts will share their wisdom and ways how to be physically, emotionally, mentally healthier at the Be META-Healthy Integrative Medicine Online World Summit Nov. 21-30. Everyone interested in being healthy and living a fulfilled life can register for FREE at www.metahealthsummit.com.

Johannes R. Fisslinger, the founder of META-Health University, will be interviewing 30 world-renowned New York Times Bestselling Authors, Celebrities and Health Experts. Speakers and subjects covered are:

  • New Biology, New Medicine with Bruce Lipton PhD
  • Reflections on The Art of Healing with Bernie Siegel MD
  • Integrative Solutions for the Epidemic known as Childhood Obesity with David Katz MD
  • Skinny Genes: Engaging Your Neural Network for Natural Weight Loss with Dawson Church PhD
  • Integrative Medicine and META-Health™ – The Rise of a New Healing Paradigm with Johannes R. Fisslinger
  • How you can increase your Vitality and Bodymind Health using Energy Healing with Deborah King
  • The Power of Kindness & Compassion with David Hamilton
  • Resolving Pain using META-Health and Matrix Reimprinting with Karl Dawson
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) – The missing piece to the healing puzzle with Gary Craig
  • Living is everything you do … Breath, Water, Food, Silence, Movement and your Connection to Nature with Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams
  • Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs – their Influence on Health with Tad James PhD and Adriana James PhD
  • How you can heal your body, and your world – with food! with John and Ocean Robbins
  • Raw Food, Chocolate and Living Healthy with David Wolfe
  • META-Health Solutions for the five most important issues for MEN with Lars Mygind
  • New Innovative Solutions for Diabetes with Diana Stefani-Hunyady MD
  • Nutrition for the 21th Century – How I Healed my Sick Heart with Lene Hansson
  • The Healing Psyche – The Science behind Cancer and our Mind with Rob van Overbruggen PhD
  • The Fear and Anxiety Solution – Healing and Empowerment through the Subconscious Mind with Friedemann Schaub MD, PhD
  • Yoga, Compassion and Being of Service with Beth Shaw
  • Awakening your Abundance Blueprint and Heal your Body with Susanne Billander
  • Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence and Choices to achieve BodyMindSocial Health with Anu Mehta
  • Depression, Self-Doubt, Emotional Breakdowns – Untangling Women’s 21. Century Dis-Ease Through BodyMindHeart Fitness with Danijela Hembal
  • Chronic Fatigue, Autoimmne Disorders, Headaches and More! with Jon Robson
  • Healing through Spirituality, Emotional and Heart Intelligence: Make the Connection! with Yeliz Ruzgar
  • Cancer – An Emergency Call for Change with Jasmina Kovacev
  • Yoga and How to Live a Healthy and Conscious Life with Dashama
  • Health, Personal Development and the Energetic Structure of Beliefs with Joanne Ross and Robert Waghmare
  • Meditation and How It Influences Your Health with Deb and Ed Shapiro

This Health Summit is FREE to attend. RSVP at www.metahealthsummit.com.