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At META-Health University you will learn all knowledge, skills and techniques needed to help your clients find answers and solutions to their health and life challenges.

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    Then MHU is the place to get a comprehensive education based on the most advanced lifestyle medicine and coaching models.
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    Go Beyond. Go META. Learn a fundamentally new health paradigm and use your current modalities and techniques more effeciently.

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The 8 META-Health Milestones

You will become an expert in the 8 META-Health Milestones (also known as the META-Health Color Wheel) and how to create shifts in these areas with proven techniques.

You will learn how to drastically improve people’s lives by attaining skills that pinpoint the exact stress triggers, traumas, emotions, beliefs and lifestyle choices affecting their health.

Your client’s will consider you a “miracle worker” because you will “know” their hidden blockages and know exactly what steps are needed to active self-healing and transformation.

Knowing the root-cause and process of illness will empower you and your clients to take conscious actions.


What Will You Learn?

This premiere distance learning certification training will focus on teaching you all the skills necessary to use META-Health Analysis and META-Therapy in your practice. We will cover:

  • How to use your own and your clients body-mind healing intelligence
  • How to apply the Organ-Stress-Emotion-Belief Connection
  • How to spot the 9 major Points and Phases of Healing
  • Emotions, Stress Triggers and Symptoms for all organs
  • How to use the 12 META-Steps and Questions in your Analysis
  • Principles of Embryology, Epigenetics, Energy and Quantum Medicine
  • Skills to use META-Health Analysis in your practice or for yourself
  • Step-by-step training to apply META-Therapy and META-Therapy Plan
  • Awareness, Mindfulness, Vitality and its importance for self-healing
  • How to integrate your current therapies with META-Health

How Will You Learn?

The META-Health Certification Training includes:

  • Teleseminar Modules (watch and review anytime)
  • LIVE Interactive Practice and Supervision Sessions (integrate what you have learned)
  • Practice with clients (you coordinate dates with fellow trainees and supervisor)
  • Home study (deepen your theoretical foundation)
  • Review of client cases (during weekly sessions)
  • Forum interaction to deepen learnings
  • Certification preparation and review
  • Certification by IMMA

This training follows the newest standards set by the International META-Medicine Association, which is the international accreditation and governing body for all META-Health Professionals. After successful completion you will be board-certified by IMMA.

Root-Cause Analysis

Use our exclusive 12 META-Health Questions Process to quickly and precisely find the root-cause of disease and how specific

  • Stress Triggers and Traumas
  • Emotions
  • Beliefs
  • Social and Lifestyle Choices affecting your symptoms

Your clients will be totally suprised by your precision and intuitive skills.

Typical patient responses are:

  • “How did you know me so well?”
  • “I never told anyone before.”
  • “This feels like magic!”.
  • “Thank YOU.”

Therapy Skills Proven To Work

As part of our META-Health Specialist Certification Training you will not only learn precise Root-Cause Analysis but also all necessary skills and techniques to be effective and produce results in all 8 META-Health Milestones. Techniques and Skills include

  • The Essence of Rapport and Personal Transformation
  • Emotional and Stress Trigger Release Technique
  • Belief Reframing
  • Values Alignment
  • Health Coaching and Transformation Skills
  • Social & Real-Life Solutions
  • Lifestyle & Quantum Medicine Tools
  • Script, Tips And Much More …

And most important, your existing skills and the ones you will learn, will be way more effective because you will use them within a radically new framework – META-Health and the Art and Science of Self-Healing.

Study Anywhere. Anytime.

Access your personal student portal and learn and replay all your training segments from your computer, tablet or smartphone or use our mobile app for Android/iOS to download classes, worksheets and review materials.

The META-Health Specialist career education is not just an online course.

Because practicing with clients and integrating your skills into real-life situations is essential to become confident. Live demos, practice sessions with real-clients and weekly live practice classes using our interactive video/audio/chat teaching platform will guarantee maximim learning.

Our passion is for you to become a confident and successful META-Health Specialist. 

Earn While You Study

Building a successful and profitable business is one of the biggest challenges health professionals face. At META-Health University we know about our biological needs of security and financial prosperity. Therefore we add powerful tools and skills into our trainings to help you create a successful practice.

  • Earn income after 6-month study
  • Business, Sales and Marketing Skills
  • Personal 1:1 Business Coaching Sessions
  • Get new clients through META-Health University Clinic
  • Open your Lifestyle Prescription META-Health Center

If you want to start a new career and profession or want to improve your current practice, MHU will guide you.

Board-Certified and Accredited

You will be accredited by the Intl. META-Medicine Association, which is the worldwide standards and certification organization for META-Health Professionals and Trainers.

Most important during your studies you will benefit from the worldwide META-Health network like getting access to the IMMA Organ Directory with META-Health meanings of over 160 organ tissues incl. conflict themes, two-phase organ reactions, client examples.

You are going to love it.

And after certification you will be joining an worldwide elite network of META-Health leaders and passionate specialists.

Just imagine the support and sense of community you will receive.

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