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META-Health 101 – The Process of Disease

As we’ve seen, in META-Health and other empowering models of health and wellness, disease follows a process than when viewed from within the right paradigm has the potential to lead us to greater self-knowledge and ultimately health.


What does this actually mean? It means that if you look at disease, or for that matter any unexpected […]

META-Health 101 – The Importance of Health Beliefs

One of the most challenging aspects to growth and forward motion can be the ‘oh yes, I know that already’ syndrome.

I have to admit I have definitely been guilty of this. A common practice amongst practitioners is to collect lots of information, attend seminars, obtain certificates and to grow exponentially in knowledge without actually APPLYING the […]

META-Health 101 – The Foundation

So what does it mean to be META-Healthy? One definition from MHU founder Johannes R. Fisslinger is that to be META-Healthy means that you are aware of your bodies intelligence, you know what your stress triggers (or buttons!) are and you understand which emotions and beliefs are affecting your symptoms.

Being META-Healthy goes even deeper than this […]

Stay With It

What keeps someone ticking along day after day, month after month? Even after years.

15 years ago, when I was working in the IT field, a little thought came into my head – “I came here to do something else”. It was that tiny seed that took roots, growing slowly at first, that’s got me to […]

Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to children’s genes

Comment: Very important study to confirm the effect of traumatic life events and how they are passed on to future generations. Again great to notice that many principles we use in META-Health are confirmed by science.

New finding is first example in humans of the theory of epigenetic inheritance: the idea that environmental factors can affect […]

Missing link found between brain, immune system; major disease implications

In a stunning discovery that overturns decades of textbook teaching, researchers have determined that the brain is directly connected to the immune system by vessels previously thought not to exist. The discovery could have profound implications for diseases from autism to Alzheimer’s to multiple sclerosis.

In a stunning discovery that overturns decades of textbook teaching, researchers […]

This is your most important marketing tool (and it’s free …)

Over 400 health professionals signed up for our last webinar and about 100 mostly complementary-alternative therapists filled out the survey. 

Drum roll please … “The biggest challenges you face” … in your health practice are:

I don’t know enough, aren’t good enough.
Low income.
Not sure how to market myself.

Now your first reaction might be to get out there and book […]

Neuroscientist shares what fasting does to your brain & why Big Pharma won’t study it

Below is a TEDx talk given by Mark Mattson, the current Chief of the Laboratory of Neuroscience at the National Institute on Aging. He is also a professor of Neuroscience at The Johns Hopkins University, and one of the foremost researchers in the area of cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying multiple neurodegenerative disorders, like Parkinson’s […]

What’s the difference between these two brains?

Comment: The brain on the right (smaller) shows clearly an increased amount of water (edema) which from a META-Health perspective would indicate an active kidney collecting tubule which in turn reflects feelings of isolation-abandonment. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Brain Relay Diagnostics finds its way into prevention and we can see early what conflicts, stressors, […]

Research Reveals the Importance of Your Microbiome for Optimal Health

By Dr. Mercola

Fifteen years ago, it was anticipated the Human Genome Project (HGP) would allow modern medicine to leapfrog into groundbreaking gene-based therapies for virtually every disease known to man—experts were that sure health and disease was governed by genetic predisposition.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the HGP discovered genetics are only responsible for about 10 percent […]

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