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META-Health 101 – Is Your Body Intelligent?

One of the most important health beliefs you might want to think about is this:

Do you consider your body to be intelligent?

When you recognise the truth in this statement it can help you, and your clients, develop an incredible level of trust in your physiology that can help act as an antidote to the fear […]

Avnita MHU Testimonial

Avnita, passionate META-Health Master Practitioner felt inspired to share her experience training with META-Health University and working with clients.

​It seems ​impossible – yet META-Health Professionals ​do this ​​daily ​with clients

Just imagine a client walking into your practice:

You ask 3 simple questions about their symptoms.
Then check the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection Chart.
And right away you know exactly

how they feel and think,
which trauma or stress trigger they experienced,
which organ and mind symptoms they have now,
and how their self-healing will progress over the next days and weeks!

​​Seems not possible  right? Yet META-Health Professionals use this powerful process on […]

Talk Radio: Dr. Friedemann Schaub with Special Guest Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder of LifestylePrescriptions.TV | Self-Healing Made Easy

Listen Live June 15 @ 2pm EST Or Replay 

The number of people who are suffering from chronic illness such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, allergies and auto-immune diseases dramatically increases every year.  Conventional medicine can often just provide treatment of the symptoms, without being able to identify or address the root causes.

Are our bodies falling apart, […]

Can Lifestyle Medicine Prevent 80% Of Chronic Diseases?

We all know the problem right:

The majority of our health issues are caused by lifestyle and environmental factors!

The leading causes of mortality worldwide are chronic diseases. And the economic burden of poor lifestyle choices is no longer sustainable and impossible to ignore. Fortunately, over the last decade a new type of medicine started to find its […]

Upcoming META-Health Events June/July 2016 UK and Germany

META-Health Gesundheitstage 8.- 10. Juli near Stuttgart Germany
Want to meet Dr. Anton Bader, Dr. Kwesi Anan Odum, Johannes R. Fisslinger, Walter Reiner, Kora Klapp and other META-Health Master Trainers? Then join us at the META-Health GESUNDHEITSTAGE 8. – 10. Juli 2016 im SEEGASTHOF ZABERFELD.

Visit Conference Website  |  Download the PDF Flyer here

Send Walter Reiner an email and […]

MHU Marketing Tip #1: Schedule your business and marketing!

There is a very big difference between being a competent practitioner and a successful one. I wish the 2 were synonymous, but they’re not. There’s a popular concept that says – build it and they will come. ​ ​Unfortunately this is a philosophy that lots of practitioners unconsciously buy into that’s not helpful…because it’s just not […]

Can hair loss be reversed?

I’d like to share a very personal story of suffering hair loss and excessive facial hair. Never would I have thought a few sessions of META-Health and understanding about health empowerment would reduce both conditions dramatically.

I’ve suffered both symptoms since I was a teenager. The hair loss has been gradual, but the facial hair was […]

New IMMA President | What happens when you let go …

We got many comments and questions about me stepping down as president of the Intl. META-Medicine Association (IMMA), which is the global accreditation and standards organization for all META-Health Professionals founded in 2004 by myself and Dr. Anton Bader. I am very proud of what we have achieve the past 11 years and now was […]

Do you use the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection in your practice?

Remember type writers & tape players? They were the height of technology once but are now extinct and nobody is using them. Symptom management and suppression are the healthcare equivalent! Actually I sometimes pause and reflect about how it was even possible to work with clients without knowing META-Health and the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection. You might think […]