About Us

Our Vision

META-Health University is dedicated to build an global network of Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Centers to help patients resolve their health and life challenges and create a healthy and conscious lifestyle.

Our Objectives

META-Health University is dedicated to providing high quality and all-inclusive Lifestyle Prescriptions® Certification Trainings for traditional and complementary health care providers focused on holistic root-cause diagnosis, root-cause self-healing solutions and our exclusive "We-Do-It-For-You" Business & Marketing setup and training. 

Our Core Values

As we work towards that mission, we hold ourselves to these core values:

Inspire excellence in ourselves and our students.
Support each other on the path towards optimum health.
Be innovative, integrative and passionate about what we do.
Embrace learning and discover new ways to do things.
Set an example of self-development and personal growth.
Live each day with passion and awareness.

Enjoy Life!

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