Over 120 doctors, naturopaths, nurses, therapists and health coaches traveled from all over the world to gather Oct. 24-28 at the ​beautiful Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Honolulu for the 7th META-Health Conference and to learn about the Art and Science of Self-Healing. Participants were stunned and empowered by the presentations and by the passionate and supportive environment for learning.

​​The theme for this years conference was: Learning The Art and Science of Self-Healing. The Root-Cause of Illness And How Emotions, Stress, Beliefs & Lifestyle Affect Your Health & Life.

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META-Health is based on the Body-Mind-Social Connection and has been used for the last 11+ years by thousands of health professionals to help their clients find the root-cause of illness quickly. By knowing which specific conflicts, emotions, beliefs and lifestyle choices are affecting our well-being we are able to find personalized integrative and holistic solutions for clients and patients.

Johannes R. Fisslinger, Founder META-Health University and conference organizer said: “Using the 8 META-Health Milestones of Self Healing helps us unlock the hidden meaning of symptoms​. META-Health is empirical-based​ and produces results quickly.  I firmly believe that the Art and the Science of Self-Healing will revolutionize medicine and health care“.

Some of the highlights of the conference were:

  • Bernie Siegel MD shared his 50 years of experience in his trademark entertaining and inspirational presentation. He shared many miracles of self-healing in his medical practice and how patient’s drawing and painting can open up possibilities.
  • Gary Craig, Founder of EFT/Tapping, talked about his personal story and his newest evolution process Optimal EFT. Gary spent hours talking to participants, sharing his wisdom and being an inspiration to all.
  • Dr. Kwesi, META-Health Eye Specialist presented in his compassionate way a variety of his client with cataract, conjunctivitis, glaucoma and other eye symptoms and how not being truthful to ourselves is at the core of disease.
  • Diana Stefani-Hunyadi MD and LJ Hunyadi shared their expertise working with clients with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorders and presented effective solutions.
  • Lars Mygind, one of Denmarks leading therapist, entertained the participants in his unique style and demonstrated the latest research of how traumas, stress triggers, emotions are directly linked to specific illnesses.
  • Christa Krahnert ND discussed the latest research in microbiome and her discoveries that we actually need to completely rethink our beliefs about microbes.
  • META-Health Master Trainers Susanne Billander, Anu Mehta, Helena Kajuma, Jasmina Kovacev shared their unique wisdom and talents during the 5-day conference and taught workshops to help participants integrate META-Health into their practice.

One of the highlights was the official board-certification of the new META-Health Master Trainers (META-MT)Martin Hejlesen Jensen (Denmark), Walter Posch (Austria), Ismail Eldemellawy (Egypt) by Intl. META-Medicine Association board members.

What most conference attendees loved about the conference is the quality of the materials presented and the sense of community.

  • “​Wow, what an inspiring 5 days of presentations and workshops. I attended and loved it all. A repeated theme in many presentations is the need for us to be truly authentic to ourselves.​ I would like to extend a huge thank you; to Johannes and everyone involved in organizing and providing this wonderful conference and venue in beautiful Hawaii; to all speakers for your gift of knowledge and passion in META-Health; and to all who attended both in person and online. You all created a magical time of love and connection
    Gaylene Hansen, META-Health Master Practitioner New Zealand​
  • “I fully enjoyed Hawaiian Village as a conference venue – a perfect choice!”
    Kazuyo Luz Esperanza Shimokawabe, META-Health Master Practitioner California
  • The META-Health Conference in Hawaii 2015 was a fantastic gathering of brilliant minds, sharing techniques and ideas that are taking us to the next level of optimal health. There was something for everyone, whether you work with physical, mental, spiritual… that is the beauty of MH, it is so integrative. One thing that stood out for me was its combination with yoga. Bringing awareness to the body while practicing poses is taken to another level when including the META-Health perspective, which I see as a fantastic way to spread the word and integrate it into a daily way of thinking.
    Falguni Mather, META-Health Master Practitioner HongKong

Susan Osman, BBC and China TV investigative reporter and TV host did MC the conference and was also interviewing speakers and attendees with powerful self-healing stories for an upcoming documentary.

Conference recordings can be access at www.metahealthconference.


About The META-Health Conference
META-Health Conference are organized annually by META-Health Master Trainers to gather the META-Health community and to inspire communities to learn the Art and Science of Self-Healing. This years 7th Hawaii META-Health Conference was organized by the META-Health University, a global health organization offering online and live certification trainings and degree programs and supported by the Intl. META-Medicine Association which is the worldwide accreditation organization for all META-Health Professionals and Trainers. The 8th META-Health Conference will be held 2017 in Goa India.