I’d like to share a very personal story of suffering hair loss and excessive facial hair. Never would I have thought a few sessions of META-Health and understanding about health empowerment would reduce both conditions dramatically.

I’ve suffered both symptoms since I was a teenager. The hair loss has been gradual, but the facial hair was thick, dark hairs scattered on my chin and neck. There was no cure; I just coped with it all.

I had tried various treatments for both conditions, laser, iron tablets, even Regaine. Nothing was really working.

I was diagnosed with PCOS, which causes such conditions. I’m also anaemic.

Several years ago, I would be crying in the shower, seeing all the falling hairs, from my head, not my face unfortunately. It was falling in masses. My husband would console me and said that we could do anything I needed – transplant, see a tricologist, anything. There were so many women with thick, even just a reasonable amount of hair. I remember being in the gym and staring at back of women’s heads not quite believing how naturally it came to others. I was conscious of my hair in the wind, constantly keeping the parting to one side, as the middle was the worst. I had to keep it short, as actually, it just didn’t grow much.

I also noticed that the more upset I got, the worse it would fall.

A few months later, we moved to India and I was learning meditation and how to visualise. As I didn’t know what to do about my falling hair, I had to find other solutions.  I’d read how it important it was to be calm about symptoms and in order to make real changes in one’s life, we needed to start with gratitude first and then picture it better. Apparently, if we bring frustration and anger into our problems, we perpetuate the issue.

As I relaxed, was grateful for what was there and started to visualise it better, my hair stopped falling and in fact, grew back to a fair amount. I couldn’t believe it – much. Eventually, assuming that it would stay like that forever, I stopped visualising. A few months on, it started falling again. The same as before, all that “growing” went back to the way it was before. I was distraught and angry.

I could hardly keep calm about, forget visualising. Again the tears. When we came back home to England, I remembered from all what I learnt in meditating. One was “letting go” – stop trying to control your problems. As I couldn’t think what the hell to do with my hair, I surrendered. I said, “Ok, just do what you want and I’ll accept”. After all, I could have that transplant, I could get a wig. Surely, hair loss wasn’t the end of the world. Two weeks later, it stopped falling, but I really had to stop trying so hard.

It stayed stable, not falling so much but not too thin either. I started learning about META-Health and how everything starts with trauma and stress. Not just that, but those very symptoms are used to find the bullet to create healing.

Last June, I took META-Health sessions with my own therapist, Kora Klapp, who is also my trainer. I took about 3 sessions to look at both issues.

  • My facial hair calmed down, clearing by about 75%. I’m no longer fighting it every few days, being conscious of it. I thread about 7 – 10 and not that much comes off. That’s a first for me.
  • I’ve noticed hair on my head has started growing again. Of course, one could argue that it’s too short space of time to really know it’s worked or not. I have noticed its stopping falling even less than before, getting thicker and growing longer. I use visualisation, too.
  • What we did was remove the root cause, so I think it’s recovering.
  • Another added bonus is that my skin has gotten clearer, something that others have been commenting on.

From a META-Health perspective, the conflict theme for hair is, “separation / loss of touch”. For me, there were other organ tissues involved like ovaries, but again, the conflict theme there is, “traumatic loss”. As we worked these issues, I realised what my loss was and in hindsight, it didn’t seem so traumatic, but it must have been at the time.

I do know this:

There are no guarantees. My hair might start falling again, but this time I know what to do straight away. I won’t go into meltdown. I would see my therapist. Feeling upset will make it fall out more. Doing nothing about it will not help it to grow.

With META and health empowerment, I feel like life’s got more meaning and nothing’s so frightening. I would do the same with whatever I was diagnosed with. META-Health works safely with our subconscious minds, which control around 85 – 95% of our lives. This is the part we need to address if we truly want to heal.

Avnita is a META-Health Master & an EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner. She currently helps clients via Skype with many different health issues and her passion is health empowerment:  ‘You are NOT a victim, despite what you may have been told, there are nearly always steps you can take to improve your experience, whatever the traditional diagnosis’. She can be contacted via her website and her 1st book will be available from May 2016.