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Advanced META-Health Analysis & Solutions combined with Lifestyle Prescriptions®  !

Find the Root-Cause Stress Triggers, Emotions, Beliefs & Lifestyle Habits just by asking a few questions.

"Study with Johannes R. Fisslinger, Co-Founder of META-Health and IMMA


Foundations of META-Health

including 13 Symptom Reference Charts

In this 30-hour self-study program you'll learn the core principles of the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection, the Major Points and Phases of Self-Healing and protocols to start using Lifestyle Prescriptions® in your practice.

Includes the 13 Organ-Mind-Brain-Reference Charts & 5 Posters to quickly find root-cause emotions & stress triggers of over 150 organ tissue and 1,000 symptoms.


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Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach

Build A Career & Business You'll Love.

In our 12-month and 250 hour Lifestyle Prescriptions® Health Coach Certification Training you'll become an expert in finding root-cause emotions, conflicts & lifestyle habits affecting over 1,000 symptoms and use laser-sharp Lifestyle Prescription Protocols® to help clients heal naturally.

Choose from a variety of training modules like the META-Health Practitioner and Master Practitioner, 10 Lifestyle Prescriptions® Analysis and 10 Lifestyle Prescriptions® Therapy Protocols, our exclusive "We-Do-It-For-You" Business & Marketing Setup & Training and the ThermoBuzzer™ Mobile Thermography System.

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Starting at $175/month

META-Health Practitioners and Master Practitioners are certified by the Intl. META-Medicine Association