Just imagine a client walking into your practice:
  1. You ask 3 simple questions about their symptoms.
  2. Then check the Organ-Mind-Brain Connection Chart.
  3. And right away you know exactly
    • how they feel and think,
    • which trauma or stress trigger they experienced,
    • which organ and mind symptoms they have now,
    • and how their self-healing will progress over the next days and weeks!
​​Seems not possible  right? Yet META-Health Professionals use this powerful process on a daily basis!
Here at META-Health University we are on a mission to bring META-Health and the Art and Science of Self-Healing to health professionals like you – making it accessible, affordable and easy to study while working.
Enrollment opens only 2x per year and you have 3 more weeks to be part of 25 students joining us this summer …  yes we keep our trainings small because personal attention is extremely important for us.

Reply to this email and ask Emma Patricio about our current Summer Semester Special Offer and how to enroll.

We never had an tuition special and bonus offer like this one (not for the last 3 years) … so you really want to find out what is included, right!
There isn’t a more profound way to improve your analysis and therapy skills than integrating the Organ-Mind-Brain and Lifestyle Connection.

If you think I can’t afford it or I don’t have time … think again because radically improving your analysis and therapy skills will increase your client’s health outcomes, improve income and free up time for you!

Contact Emma Patricio at MHU Admissions Office via email
or call +44 203 289-7956 (UK)  or +1 310 906-0366 (US).​